In 2013, you wanted more puppies, more puns, and… more cats?

Today, on the last day of the year, I’m taking the totally original approach of reflecting on 2013. I don’t see a lot of this out there, which I find surprising – I mean, you’d think it would be a natural fit. I can only hope that my trailblazing example will inspire more reflection in the future as one year passes the torch to the next.

Sarcasm duly noted? Good. Because I know every website on Earth (and perhaps Mars?) is doing the same thing… and I don’t care. Nostalgia is my absolute favorite kind of -algia, and I finally put down a deposit on a nice little bungalow on Memory Lane. (It just makes good financial sense.) Let the reflecting begin!

First up, a list of the top 21 posts from 2013.

(You’ll see why I chose such a weird number in just a moment. Also, this list only includes posts that were published in 2013, although a several of my most viewed posts this year were actually from years past. Apparently, the Interwebz really likes punny pet names, the Travelers Insurance dog, canine Christmas carols, and ranting about irritating dog walkers. From the search terms that most often brought people to this blog, punny and funny pet names rule the day.)

  1. The right way to ask people when they plan to have kids – If I’m being honest, I let this list be so long because I wanted to make sure that this post was on it. I think it’s my favorite from this year. I like reading my names for proposed monthly features in the Egg Drop Scoop newsletter. (Narcissist? Check.)
  2. Repeat after me: “Hello. May I pet your dog?” – Based on the most popular posts this year, I’m starting to think that you guys like me when I’m ranty.
  3. Take a look at me now (yet again) – It’s almost time for another round of navel gazing.  The 2014 edition of the Pet Blogger Challenge is happening January 10. Join us! You know you want to.
  4. Top 5 reasons to join the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange – Speaking of… you should head on over and check out the posts so far.
  5. 7 easy ways to reuse your dog – Captain Planet would be proud.
  6. Things my dogs barked at while visiting my in-laws – Sometimes, I think Tavish just does things so I’ll have something to write about.
  7. 7 dogs you might not want to invite to your summer barbecue – Party crashers, for sure… but so adorable.
  8. How to tell the sex of a kitten or puppy, as explained by a child – It’s a wonder I managed to make it to my thirties.
  9. Why should you step out from behind that camera? Here’s why. – Show me the money! Er… or something. Never mind.
  10. If you could read your dog’s diary, what would it say? – As Usher might say, these are my confessions.
  11. Your dog agrees: you cannot be replaced – A heavier post than usual, but for a good reason. It inspired some great discussion too, including this post.

    Tavish break via

    Gratuitous Tavish break.

  12. I love my dead gay dog – If you get the movie reference, we should be besties.
  13. 7 other things you could do with a puppy brother – I don’t care if it’s crazy. I still want one. Who’s with me?
  14. Meet the Bloggers: Hello, my name is Dog Crazy – This one also has the distinction of being the most commented upon.
  15. Christmas carols, doggie style – I can only imagine how many of these views were from people who thought they were searching for something much less wholesome. And were very disappointed.
  16. 20 posts you should read right now (instead of doing that whole job thing) – It was the job thing that pulled you in, right?
  17. Does your dog sleep with a stuffed animal? – It appears that inquiring minds want to know.
  18. 250 punny dog names and counting – Someone should really stop me.
  19. Is this the most interesting cat in the world? – Based on his appearance on this list, I guess the answer is yes.
  20. Do you have to choose between having a dog and having kids? – The comments section on this one is epic and contains a great discussion.
  21. 150 punny cat names… and counting – Fairly self-explanatory.

There you have it. Who would have guessed that the most popular post on a blog named after puppies would be about cats? Paging Alanis Morissette (and an explanation of irony for her to read).

Bella holiday via

They suffer (indignities) for my art.

Finally, I’d like to send a little love to my top commenters this year – thank you Jodi, Jackie, Pamela, Taryn and Mrs. Taleteller for always getting the comment party started. You’re the best!

That’s all for today… but I’d love to hear from you. What were your favorite I Still Want More Puppies posts this year? What would you like to see more of next year? Should I stop torturing you with bad puns? (As if I could stop punning, even if I tried.)

Onward to 2014!

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15 thoughts on “In 2013, you wanted more puppies, more puns, and… more cats?

  1. We dogs need to really watch out as those sneaky, pesty cats are really starting to invade our space. They are becoming popular pets, getting their own blogs and stealing a top spot on a dog blog – travesty! I love my cats, but dogs need to keep cats in their place (normally under the bed). Dogs rule, that is the rule, right? Happy New Year!
    emma recently posted..I think I can explain… | GBGV | Wordless Wednesday

  2. I had completely forgotten about Captain Planet, but oh I loved that show. Weirdly, I don’t think it’s the kind of thing that would fly now–environmentalism has become so (and so weirdly) politicized.

    Happy 2014!
    Jessica recently posted..2014

  3. I’m so new here, I’ve missed most of these. But I picked one – #6 – to read. HILARIOUS! OMG! Poor Tavish and poor everybody else. Visiting is tough, sometimes….
    Genevieve recently posted..Finished

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