7 easy ways to reuse your dog

It’s Earth Day, which means that we should be thinking of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Today, I thought I’d focus on that middle one.

(Why? Well, Tavish is currently on a diet, so he’s got that whole reduce thing covered. With regard to recycling, I had to talk myself out of just posting this video again.)

The EPA has noted that the best way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. One way to create less waste is to reuse what we already have. When I was thinking about things I could reuse, it hit me. I have a dog. (Two, in fact.) Obviously, my dogs provide me with love, companionship, entertainment, and blog fodder. But… can they do more? I bet they can – and I bet your dogs can too.

Without further ado, here are five alternate uses for your dog:

  1. Foot warmer – Are your toes cold? Don’t invest in a space heater. Just ask your canine companion to curl up on your feet.

    Foot warmer

  2. Footrest – Why should you spend a pretty penny on a designer ottoman? The perfect footrest may already be under your nose… er, feet. (Obviously, please take the size and temperament of your dog into account. Not all dogs will be willing to put up with your nonsense.)
  3. Bookmark – If you saw it, then you should have put a paw on it.Daily Dog Challenge #82
  4. Shredder – If you simply must shred some documents (before you recycle the paper, of course), don’t invest in a pricey machine. Save your money and conserve electricity by giving your paper to the dog, nature’s shredder.
  5. Doorstop – Pesky door won’t stay open? Perhaps your dog can help. They’re probably going to curl up and take a nap anyway – why not hold that door open while they snooze away? If your dogs, like mine, would never agree to sit still for that long, try using a dog toy instead:Dog toys have many uses
  6. Exercise equipment – Don’t buy a treadmill or an elliptical machine. Just clip a leash onto your furry beast and get moving.
  7. Alarm clock – Don’t buy a new clock. Your dogs can wake you up each morning. Unfortunately, the canine alarm clock does not allow you to choose what time you’d like to wake up. It’s also missing a snooze button.After-market snooze button for your dog

There you have it – seven easy ways you can reuse your dog. Have some ideas to add to the list? Thought of some new ways to go green? Share them in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “7 easy ways to reuse your dog

  1. After road testing a few of these tonight, I have decided the Casa de Kolchak dogs are not environmentally friendly. They won’t sit on meet feet or under them. Every time I use a toy to prop open a toy, Felix jealously snatches it up and takes it to his lair (aka under the kitchen table) and instead of being a bookmark, the turned into a pepper shredder. (Not really what I was hoping for.) I’ll have to find other ways to reuse them.
    Jodi, Kolchak and Felix recently posted..Banana Carob Marble Dog Treat Recipe

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