If you could read your dog’s diary, what would it say?

Jodi from Kol’s Notes shared this video earlier today. I may have watched it multiple times since then. I can’t stop.


  • I have definitely sniffed both dogs’ backsides. How else am I going to figure out what’s going on in that mysterious digestive system?
  • Last night, I found myself sniffing the grass to try to determine what exactly had gone awry in Bella’s tummy. I lead a glamorous life.
  • This video finally explains why Scotti used to hump all of those teddy bears. I blame the cat.
  • I pretty much lost it when I got to the one about shaking. If you need me, I’ll be over here giggling about it for the next few hours. Dog Lawyer (note to self: do something with that) always advises his clients to carefully review the terms of the deal first.

Did any of the dog diaries hit home for you? If your dog had a diary, what would he or she write in it?

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28 thoughts on “If you could read your dog’s diary, what would it say?

  1. Dear Diary! I woke up! I got breakfast! I napped! We went for a walk! I napped! I was good when mam had tea! We snuggled! I had supper! We went to bed!
    Sam recently posted..Working

  2. Great video!

    After another day of long walks, swimming, indoor fetch and gourmet meals, my guys would probably bemoan their lives of abject boredom and starvation…Oh, woe is us….she never does anything with us. We are soooo bored….SIGH…more food would help….but no, she starves us…..
    Taryn recently posted..FitDog Friday: Swimming!

  3. OMD, that’s awesome. The one that rings truest for us is the beagle enjoying the cat poop treats. Oh, how our Bailey loved cat poop treats. She would never forget a yard with cat poop in it!

    As for Rita – here’s an entry from her diary:
    “I’m worried about dear human. She is getting wider. I try to entice her to run, but she only walks slowly behind. I try to bring her my toys, but she just sits on her butt and throws them away. Why won’t she play with them? I try to tell her she is eating too much. ‘Are you sure you want to eat all that? Here, let me help you with it. Give me half.’ She pretends she doesn’t understand me.”
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..FitDog Friday: Rise and Shine Kampers!

  4. The was shoot pop from your nose funny had to share it.

    Mack’s Dear Diary would be: Dear Diary the lady once again put OUR lunch high up on the lunch table at work, I had to climb on two chairs to get both our and her bosses sandwich. I really wish she would put the food on the floor, but she has never been all that bright………sigh
    Diane McCornack recently posted..Island Indigo Birthday

  5. Oh, hilarious.

    Silas’s diary for today:

    I sense great unrest. I suspect that the Human is preparing to vacuum the floor. Perhaps if I insist on sleeping in her lap all day, I can save her from the evil beast. One day it will succeed in destroying her, and then no one will be here to feed me.
    Jessica recently posted..My Dog is Friendly! Veterinary Edition:

  6. I’d seen the sad cat diary but not this one, what a crack up, lol. Whoever wrote the narration is an animal genius 🙂 Frankie and Beryl thankfully don’t do circles for every dead toy or I doubt either of them would ever walk in a straight line again!
    Greyhounds CAN Sit recently posted..Just For Fun

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