20 posts you should read right now (instead of doing that whole job thing)

It’s time for another monthly roundup! May was full of fantastic posts. I’ve pulled together a list of twenty that I really enjoyed, but I easily could have kept going. Stop being so awesome, pet bloggers.

Anyway, here are some posts that will likely prove more fun than doing your job, unless your job happens to involve lying in the grass while being licked by puppies.

(If that is your job, please contact me. I would like to send you my resume. Said resume will just include a video of me getting licked by Tavish and a portfolio of dog photos. The video portion will kind of look like this:

Sort of a slo-mo Tavish: I Still Want More Puppies

via giphy.com

However, Tavish is nowhere near this calm about it, reinforcing the entry on my resume that says I have advanced skills in dog licking acceptance.)

Moving on… let’s get back to those blog posts I mentioned.

  1. Stinky and Needy from Heart Like a Dog – When Bisquick attacks…
  2. Top 5 signs YOU are the annoying dog owner from Kahuna’s K9s – Yes. A thousand times yes. I love this post.
  3. A Bedtime Fairy Tale Pt. 2 from Kol’s Notes – Sleeping with dogs is tricky business. Very tricky indeed.
  4. 10 Ways My Dog Tries to Wake Me Up in the Morning from My Brown Newfies – I guess I should be happy that Bella and Tavish are smaller than the Newfs!
  5. Do you love a wet dog? from Grouchy Puppy – If you don’t, you just might after reading this one.
  6. Bark & Bites – DIY Dog Photography Links from My Life in Blog Years – You know I can’t resist photo tips. Handy stuff!
  7. Confessions of a Foster Failure from Faith, Trust, & Foster Pups – I recently discovered this blog. (Thanks Lucky Dog Animal Rescue for the tip!) I look forward to reading more about this blogger’s journey.
  8. What if LOL Cats Were LOL Cicadas? from The Chronicles of Cardigan – It’s the next big meme. I just know it.
  9. How to Name a Dog from Something Wagging This Way Comes – I have to agree with that last point. I barely call our dogs by their actual names. Just ask “T-T-Ba-Dee” (Tavish), “Bigger Buddy” (Bella), and “B&T Music Factory” (both).
  10. Dog park magic and faraway places from No Dog About It – This one might have you thinking deep thoughts.
  11. 5 Nice Things I Can’t Have Because I Have a Dog from SarahHosick.com – We’ve all been there, but it’s totally worth it.
  12. The Dog Lifestyle from Life in the Dog Lane – Are you a Dog Lifestylist too?
  13. Hi, I love you, yep from Pawcurious – An awesome post about being a mom to both tiny humans and adorable animals.
  14. National Buffoon’s Animal House, with a Side of Bacon from The Chronicles of Cardigan – You know you want to pledge I Smelta Pi.
  15. My cat saved me from Purrs Full of Love – A wonderful post about how sometimes our rescue animals really rescue us.
  16. The Impact of Pet Adoption from Preston Speaks – Speaking of which, how has adopting a pet affected you?
  17. Throwback Thursday – Puppy Time! from Adventures of a Cattle Dog – I figured that one can never have enough puppy photos, right?
  18. A Dog Walker’s Chinese Star from Heart Like a Dog – Safety first!
  19. Joy, Furry Dogs & Why I Love Laundry Day from Grouchy Puppy – A new way to look at all that dog hair.
  20. Fetch – or not from Clowie’s Corner – I love Clowie’s take on fetching. (Thanks to Sue at For Love of a Dog for alerting me to this one!)

That’s all for now… did I miss any of your favorite posts from the marvelous month of May? If so, share them in the comments!

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24 thoughts on “20 posts you should read right now (instead of doing that whole job thing)

  1. I always find those slow, meaningful licks a bit unnerving, don’t you? 😉 I mean, one can only have so much sweat on one’s self. By the way, the other day I went to kiss JF on the mouth, but my timing was all wrong, because he licked me on the mouth half a second before my lips made contact with his fur. Ew.

    OK, carry on with your not-getting-licked-by-puppies-in-a-field day job! And thank you for liking me! 😀
    Elizabeth K recently posted..Git Along, Lil’ Dwarf Dogies – A Song Parody with Funny Pet Outtakes

    • It’s true. Tavish, however, would probably lick my husband and me twenty hours per day if we’d permit it. (And I’ve totally had those bad timing moments when it comes to puppy kisses!)

  2. What a great summer reading list! Thank you for including us among the top 20, we are so flattered to be listed with such other great writings. Looks like I have much reading (and more writing) to substitute for real job stuff.
    Lynn recently posted..Happy Fathers Day

  3. I checked out the #2 post you listed for sure. I used to be a “he just wants to say hi” lady with Chester but then I learned better…mostly after I adopted anxious Gretel. I also switched to a static leash (from Fexi) after she came to live with us because I couldn’t walk two dogs on a flexi leash and have ANY control. Boy, she sure taught me a lot about being a good doggie parent/owner 🙂
    Jessica@YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner recently posted..When You Reeaally Want Your Dachshund to Do Something

  4. Nice list! Now I know what I’ll be doing on Sunday morning with a giant cup of coffee in my hand! The Dog Lifestyle post is so true and it’s why we do what we do for our dogs! Living it up with our pups!

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