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Pet Blogger's Gift ExchangeIt’s that time again, my friends.  Trees have been knocked over by intrepid feline Magellans and claimed by dogs confused by the sudden appearance of decorative indoor toilets.  Stockings have been knocked off the chimney with care by cantankerous cats and then been mistaken for dog toys. Traditions abound.

One of those traditions? The Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange (or, as I like to call it, the PBGE) hosted by the brilliant Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes.  Instead of gifts wrapped in paper and bows, we exchange compliments, encouragement, and love.

I’ve been paired up with some pretty fantastic bloggers in the past, and this year is no exception.  You may be familiar with Jan from The Poodle (and Dog) Blog.  If not, you’re in for a real treat today – prepare to find a new blog to add to your must-read list!  Jan’s been blogging since 2005, showing us all how it’s done.  She’s smart, funny, and generally just the greatest.

So… today, I’m dedicating a link roundup to The Poodle (and Dog) Blog and all of its awesomeness.  Join me as we explore some of the many reasons to love this blog (and, at the end of this post, find out how you can help me make this gift really special).  I’ve picked some links from 2014 to highlight, but trust me when I tell you that all of the archives are worth checking out. (Chuck Norris agrees.)


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Has your workout gone to the dogs?

Lately, I’ve been working out at home.  (I purchased the Insanity workout, which has so far been true to its name.)  Tavish seems to think that this is very interesting. He follows me to the basement and hangs out nearby, waiting for his moment to strike.

You see, Tavish thinks that when I’m stretching or on the floor is the perfect time for me to multitask and pet him.  I’m going to try to get it on camera at some point, but until then, please enjoy this substitute video of someone else’s dogs making the most of workout time.  (These two are bolder than Tavish. He waits patiently for the optimal time to make his move, and he’s never shown an interest in biting my ponytail.)

Those dogs seem like good sports.  Tavish would never consent to being lifted in the air like that.  He is not the biggest fan of being Sky Tavish (our name for it), unless it’s a necessary evil to elevator him onto the bed.

Do you work out at home?  Does your dog try to join you?


Tonight we’re gonna party like we’re ninety-nine canines…

It’s that time again… here’s your weekly linkage:

  1. First up, your punny pet name:  Cyndi Pawper.
  2. Did you know that you can take your dog stand up paddleboarding? Hey Love Designs tells all. (Tavish the water hater would like you to know that he does not approve this message.)
  3. Dear everyone – please throw this party for me. (It’s totally for adults too, right? I’m so cool. I’ll just keep telling myself that.)
  4. Also, please invite these adorable creatures to said party.
  5. Oh, and these kittens too!  (The costumes are not optional.) Best party ever.

Even though I shared the water thing above, please don’t get the wrong idea. We take care of our aquaphobic friends – at Tavish’s request, water balloons will not be allowed at the party.  (He’s already hired a bouncer and everything.)

Also, contrary to the request of our feline guests, owl burritos will not be on the menu.

That’s all for today, my friends. In case you missed it, here’s what we were up to on the blog this week:

Until next time… stay dry!


It’s time to spring fur-ward!

It’s time for another link roundup…

  1. First up, your punny pet name for the week: Lickey Mantle. (Bonus Pisces pun!)
  2. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I just adore when the clocks spring forward. I’ve been doing my own Care Bear Countdown, waiting for those extra hours of evening daylight to appear. - The hour we lose this weekend was the one when I was planning to go to the gym.


  3. Seriously, if I wasn’t so lazy, I’d be celebrating like these party animals right now. (If I’m being honest, I’m super jealous of this crew.)
  4. Daylight Saving Time also means that spring is on its way. After this never-ending winter, I’m ready for some warmth… and perhaps a glass of wine or two. Or maybe a picnic?
  5. I’m not picky. I’ll happily accept a beer instead, especially if baseball is involved.
  6. Wineries, ballparks, dance studios… puppies are everywhere these days!

Finally, for today’s video, I present a dramatic reenactment of how happy I will be when winter is officially over:

True story.

Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s what we’ve been up to on the blog lately:

I know they’re usually Friday links, but I’m off my schedule lately. I figure you don’t mind too much.


Step 1: Get a bowl. Step 2: Put a puppy in that bowl.

Step 3: Enjoy today’s dose of Friday linkage. It’s that easy.

  1. First up, your punny pet name: Hayton Manning (for a horse, obviously).
  2. So, let’s talk about the most important bowl in the cupboard this weekend. That’s right… the Puppy Bowl is almost here! Who’s on your fantasy team?

    This is a puppy bowl, but not THE Puppy Bowl. (via

  3. Forget Behind the Music. Let’s go behind the Puppy Bowl! (Here’s even more behind the scenes action. You’re welcome.)
  4. You may have already seen it by now, but if not… Budweiser has officially won the advertising portion of the Super Bowl. (I don’t normally go for a Bud Light. However, the next time my only choices are of the cheap beer variety, I think I’ll have to give it the edge.)
  5. Speaking of ads, these guys are a strong contender in the less prestigious (but still intriguing) non-animal division. (Unfortunately, this year’s crop of ads aren’t all winners. Le sigh.)
  6. Anyway… wondering who will win the actual game that’s being played on Sunday? These puppies know the answer.

CarMax made an all-puppy reenactment of its Super Bowl ad this year. I heard that it was only going to be posted online, but this really has Puppy Bowl written all over it:

Next year, I think all Super Bowl ads should be reenacted with adorable animals and aired during the various Adorable Bowls.

Finally, in case you missed it, here’s what we’ve been up to on the blog lately:

Who are you rooting for this weekend? The Broncos? The Seahawks? Opie? Wyatt? Pong? (Choose your favorite player here.)


#K9Kamp: The little engine that did

k9kamp canine fitness blog challenge

This… this was a month. A busy one.

You may recall that October’s K9 Kamp challenge was to do more – specifically, to get active with your dog for an extra 30 minutes a few times per week. You may also recall that I found this challenge a bit daunting, given how busy my month was shaping up to be.

So, how did it go? Well, I did not meet my own personal fitness goals, given that I haven’t seen the inside of my gym since September. (Here’s hoping that November will be better.) I ate pretty poorly this month. I had no motivation. I got off to a really slow start with K9 Kamp, having a lot of trouble squeezing in those extra minutes. I wasn’t sure how I would explain it all to you here on the blog.


(That GIF, by the way, is from the show Being Erica. If you have not seen it, you are totally missing out. Thank you, Canada. I was lucky that a friend turned me on to this show so that I could catch it when it aired on SOAPnet, but I believe you can still buy or download it. Anyone else a fan?)

Anyway, it turns out that doing more with the dogs is easier than getting myself to the gym. It’s also easier than resisting a delicious cookie. Thank goodness!

Once I realized that I didn’t have to do all of those minutes at once (thanks, Kol’s Notes!), the challenge seemed more achievable. A game of tug here, a game of fetch (or my dogs’ version of it, which is not really fetch at all) there, and the minutes added up before I knew it. So, I guess the lesson from this round of K9 Kamp is that even when you’re busy, it can be done!

With that, another session of K9 Kamp has come to a close. Would I do it again?


The llama has spoken. I’ll see you next time, fellow Kampers. How did you get active with your dog this month?


#K9Kamp: The Movie

Tavish makes his debut as a film star, with an assist from Bella…

We tend to rate Tavish’s energy level on any given day using a sliding scale of Tavishes. One Tavish is pretty energetic. On occasion, I’ve rated him at about fifteen Tavishes. So, it should come as no surprise that he’s making sure we keep moving this month. He’s like an adorable drill sergeant.

Are you participating in K9 Kamp this month? How’s it going for you?


PFL: Panda Football League

I’ve been quite remiss in delivering your Friday linkage lately. You may wonder where I’ve been. I promise, I was not off doing this. Some days I have felt like this, however.

In any event, Friday linkage is back. I was going to bust out the formalwear to celebrate the occasion (or just some tiny hats), but I hope you don’t mind that I was too lazy to do so.

  1. First up, your punny pet names: Chick Jagger, Sheddie Money, Mane Brady, Drooly Andrews, and Robert Sniffin III.
  2. So, I don’t know about you, but I’d totally cheer for a team named the Washington Redpandas. (Sorry, New York Giants… I’d drop you like a hot potato. No, changing your name to the New York Giant Pandas wouldn’t change my mind. I’m a red panda gal at heart. You should totally do it anyway though. Cleveland Brown Pandas, you’re on notice too.)
  3. In case you were wondering how I feel when I even think of the remote possibility that red pandas could finally get their moment in the sun, this video clip should clear it up. (I’m so excited. So excited.)
  4. I’m trying not to think about the fact that it will probably never happen. It will only break my heart. (Speaking of Calvin & Hobbes…)
  5. On another panda-related note, I’m pretty sure that this was the best thing to come out of that shutdown nonsense.

I’m just going to put it out there – I am in favor of recreating all music videos with dog stars. We can call it DMTV. The videos can air at halftime during PFL (Panda Football League) games:

That’s all for today. In case you missed it, here’s what we’ve been up to on the blog since the last Friday link roundup:

Here’s hoping that the next month won’t be as crazy as the last one… I kind of missed my Friday links (whether you did or not)!


#K9Kamp: Turn that frown upside down by not sitting around

Today is the last day of this session of K9 Kamp. It’s been fun, so I thought I’d send it off with an appropriate farewell. That’s right, today’s links are fit to be read…

  1. Up first, your punny pet names: Richard Simbones and Dane Fonda. (Alternatives for that last one: Jane Fawnda or Mane Fonda.)
  2. We did a lot of walking this time around. For the next session of K9 Kamp, I hope to step it up a bit. I’ll be taking a cue from some of my fellow Kampers, who came up with great ways to stay fit. Among them? Hiking, skateboarding, weightlifting, superhero training, kayaking, and geocaching.
  3. It’s not just about working out though. Being healthy involves eating right too, which would be much easier if I had a chef like this one helping me out.
  4. I’m feeling nostalgic for Kamp already. Can’t we have a few more days of campfire songs and s’mores (in appropriately-sized portions, of course)? Time to pull out the photos and reminisce.
  5. Even though Kamp is over for now, there will still be mini-challenges each month courtesy of our newest coach. I can’t wait (and I know my squishy core can still use some more work).
  6. I’d still like to put in a formal request that Koly engage in some (videotaped) Prancercise, with or without a John Mayer soundtrack. (Pretty please? I’ll even try to see if I can figure out how Tavish can do the Flo in return.)
  7. On a tangentially related note, today happens to be Take Your Dog to Work Day. I wonder if you could bring your dog to the office gym. (Probably not.)

Finally, I leave you with today’s video. I’m kind of in love with it – it makes me want to finally learn how to edit a decent video and come up with something amazing for the next session of K9 Kamp.

Even though this session of Kamp has come to an end, you can still enter to win an awesome grand prize package until Tuesday, June 25. Go check it out!

Finally, here’s what we were up to on the blog this week:

Will you be working out with your dog this weekend?