Caption this dog: Temporary tripod

Back in April, Tavish nearly gave us a heart attack when he broke a nail one evening. After an emergency trip to our vet (who, thank goodness, was still open), he returned home looking like this:

Temporary Tripod via

I’m pretty sure that the vet prescribed more treats…

Don’t worry – he’s fine now. I just hadn’t gotten around to blogging about it. Perhaps I’ll share more of this tale in a future post. Maybe a trilogy? (Too soon, Tavish?)

So tell me… how would you caption this photo?


If I’m ever in charge of math, we’re all in big trouble

On Monday, I told you about the blog’s upcoming birthday, and how I’d almost forgotten about it. Today, I realized that not only did I almost forget the blog’s birthday… I also prematurely pushed it into middle age.

Remember how I said that the blog was turning five?

Um, yeah. This thing started on April 9, 2010. That was only four years ago. I always knew that math wasn’t my strong suit, but apparently basic counting is out of my depth as well.

It’s like that whole 500th post fiasco all over again.

That’s it. I’m not allowed to do math anymore without a chaperone. I can’t be trusted.

Dog math via

I should have seen this coming when I hired a dog to handle the books. (That’s not even a ledger – it’s a bunch of Mad Libs.)

As a result, I’m also afraid to ever acknowledge a milestone on the blog again. It’s my own special brand of PTSD (Poorly Trumpeting Stuff Disorder).

I really can’t believe it happened again. Um… so how about we return to your regularly scheduled installment of Caption this Dog (see photo above) and pretend this whole thing never happened?


Caption this dog: Journey to the center of the couch

Bella’s never been one to spend hours snuggling with her humans. However, she used to enjoy hopping up on the couch, planting herself between her people, and falling asleep. We’d often find her on the couch by herself, napping away. When Tavish joined the family, they’d jump on the couch together (never quite touching, of course).

In the past few months, that has all changed. I don’t know if it’s that she’s lost some strength in her legs, if she’s getting grumpy in her old age, or something else. However, my little Bella seems to prefer her dog beds to the couch these days (or taking a nap under my feet but not on the couch).

Occasionally, I like to pick her up and put her on the couch just to see what happens. Sometimes, she hops right down and obviously has no interest. However, on Monday, I scooped her up and the following scene unfolded…

Considering the couch via

Hmmm… maybe this isn’t so bad.

Bella in repose via

Ah, I remember this…

She napped for a while (and the little dude even joined us)… and then Tavish barked at something, so she left the couch to investigate. That was that. It was just like old times for one peaceful and wonderful hour. I wish it could have lasted longer.

Anyway, how would you caption these photos? Share your captions in the comments!