How is this blog like Molly Ringwald?

(Before you get too excited, the answer is not that my blog spent a Saturday morning in detention leading to romance with a young Judd Nelson.)

You might have noticed that it’s been quiet around here lately.

I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve been suffering from an epic case of writer’s block. When I can convince myself to sit down in front of the laptop (which is a challenge in and of itself), I can’t seem to find the motivation to write a post.  Continue reading


Caption this dog: Journey to the center of the couch

Bella’s never been one to spend hours snuggling with her humans. However, she used to enjoy hopping up on the couch, planting herself between her people, and falling asleep. We’d often find her on the couch by herself, napping away. When Tavish joined the family, they’d jump on the couch together (never quite touching, of course).

In the past few months, that has all changed. I don’t know if it’s that she’s lost some strength in her legs, if she’s getting grumpy in her old age, or something else. However, my little Bella seems to prefer her dog beds to the couch these days (or taking a nap under my feet but not on the couch).

Occasionally, I like to pick her up and put her on the couch just to see what happens. Sometimes, she hops right down and obviously has no interest. However, on Monday, I scooped her up and the following scene unfolded…

Considering the couch via

Hmmm… maybe this isn’t so bad.

Bella in repose via

Ah, I remember this…

She napped for a while (and the little dude even joined us)… and then Tavish barked at something, so she left the couch to investigate. That was that. It was just like old times for one peaceful and wonderful hour. I wish it could have lasted longer.

Anyway, how would you caption these photos? Share your captions in the comments!


The first rule of Puppy Kiss Club

Okay, so I have a confession to make. Be kind…


I like Valentine’s Day. I know that it’s trendy to hate it or something, but I just can’t. So, today’s links are all about the love. Will you join me on the love train?

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6 Valentines from your friendly neighborhood canines

Bella wants to be fed, and Tavish does too. If dogs could send Valentines, who knows what they’d do?

I do.

Well, I think I do. I’ve been working on some new canine Valentines (Valencanines?) to share with you this year. They’re not quite ready yet, but I thought I’d give you a little taste by digging last year’s selections out of the archives.

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You know you’re a crazy dog lady when…

Sometimes, I almost forget that I’m a crazy dog lady.


Then, something happens that reminds me just how nutty I truly am. This past Friday, I received one of those reminders when I took Tavish to a new groomer. We had the first appointment of the day, so I got up early, tossed on a sweater, and loaded Tavish in the car. It was only after the groomer pointed it out that I realized there was a siimilarity between our respective ensembles.

Not Tavish the fox

Tavish the fox


That’s right. I inadvertently dressed like my dog. I went out in public that way.

I met new people who surely think I’m not quite right in the head, including Tavish’s new groomer. (Between the outfits and my overly detailed instructions, she probably made some sort of notation in our file.)

Crazy dog lady achievement unlocked. I’ve totally leveled up.

(Oh, and this experience has given me some insight into what the fox says. I think the fox would tell me to be thankful that Tavish is a dog – rather than a child – who doesn’t realize that he should be totally embarrassed to be seen in public with me.)


Forget the polar vortex – let’s talk about the Molar Vortex

In light of the recent weather event – affectionately* known as the polar vortex – I’ve made a decision.** In the summer of 2012, shortly after he joined our home, Tavish went in for a dental appointment. On that fateful day, he said farewell to eight teeth.*** In honor of those brave enamel soldiers**** that gave their lives that day, I hereby proclaim the great teeth pulling of 2012… the Molar Vortex.

It would also be a good name for what happened to this guy:


Oh, Bumble.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

*Affectionately? More like scornfully. Mournfully. I-wish-I-lived-somewhere-warm-fully. (I know, I know… that last one’s just a near rhyme. Call it poetic license. If you can do better, the floor is yours, Wordsworth.)

**I’ve also been plagued by the following cheer, inspired by one I heard in high school: “Brrrr. It’s cold in here! There must be a vortex in the atmosphere!”

***Life on the streets is rough, yo. (Or maybe life on the dirt roads? Those aren’t really streets.) There are no roving dentists offering free dental care to adorable homeless dogs making their way in the world today. It takes everything they’ve got. Taking a break from all their worries sure would help a lot. (Wouldn’t you like to get away… from me and my meandering thoughts? Probably.)

****Martika, I think we found your next big hit song. (I don’t know why I just decided that Martika is a regular reader, but how funny would it be if she was?)