Pugs? Just Say Yo

I recently bought an awesome new t-shirt that says “Pugs Not Drugs.”  (It’s from a cool organization I just discovered – the Chris Atwood Foundation.  Obviously, Manly the Pug is doing some good work out there.)

Pug life, yo.

I can’t argue with that message, and it got me thinking (a dangerous prospect, I realize).  What other societal ills could we get rid of with rhyming dog breeds?   Continue reading


Girls just wanna have pun…

It’s Friday… let’s get to the linkage!

  1. First up, your punny pet names are inspired by this slideshow (oh… hello there, Slide 15): Cullen Bones, Nathan Blue Jaydrian, and Pom Daley. (Seriously, I want to meet a Pomeranian named Pom Daley. It’s my new dream.)
  2. Speaking of punny pet names, this week I learned that Prince Harry owns a racehorse named Usain Colt. How is it possible that I never came up with that one on my own? (Bonus link: Animals with misleading names.)
  3. Emmylou Harris rocks. Check out her new project, Woofstock.
  4. Um, I would watch the heck out of Animals Acting Like Sharks Week.
  5. You know I’m a fan of all things Seussical. Thus, I loved this collection of advertising artwork from Dr. Seuss.
  6. I’m not even going to pretend that I don’t love these new ads from Old Navy featuring 90210 actors.
  7. On another nostalgia-related note… moves like Chandler!
  8. Here’s one for the Things Bella and Tavish Will Never Do files. (Oh, Corgis. Always good for a smile.) Yup… I adopt dogs that take their cues from the Gremlins.

You didn’t think I’d make it through this post with only one Olympics reference, did you? As if. Today’s video reveals the results of the Cat Sleeping Position Olympics:

That’s all folks! Hard to believe the Olympics are almost over already. Will you be spicing up your life on Sunday?


Meowing for medals

As I confessed last week, I’m an Olympics junkie. Maybe I should just embrace it and purchase some Olympics-inspired decor. Or I could rock some Olympic nail art. In any event, I’m just a tad obsessed. So, it’s the same theme, but all new links…

  1. First up, your punny pet names (both inspired by the same gold medalist): Tabby Douglas and Gabby Puglas.
  2. Did you watch the Opening Ceremony? There were Corgis! This roundup of Corgi-related goodness (including photos of the Queen and her pups through the years) will leave you smiling.
  3. On a tangentially-related note, this slideshow of dogs on vacation includes two very adorable Corgis.
  4. I’m so jealous of those pups who get to experience the Olympics in person.
  5. Apparently the pups are taking over in London this year!
  6. The Olympians of the animal kingdom are pretty darn impressive – guess it’s a good thing (for the human athletes) that they aren’t competing this year. (It would be a battle for the ages.)
  7. Speaking of animal athletes, Michael Phelps has a canine swimming buddy (in training). Also cute? This swimming pup. (Not so cute? This. Just… ew.)
  8. Even if your pup won’t be winning a gold medal in London, there are still many great Olympic activities she can enjoy!
  9. Are those a little too traditional for you? Well, then you’re in luck – how about the 100 meters postman race?

Finally, I think today’s video is all the evidence we need that kitten wrestling should be an Olympic event.

I can’t help myself… I have a second video today. Meet my new favorite track star:

I’ll stop now. Happy Friday!


Dangerous? Only if you’re afraid of puppy kisses.

You may remember when I shared a great post from Oh, Corbin – “You call me a Pit Bull like it’s a bad thing.” Using that post as inspiration, Corbin has organized a special event today – Blogville Pitty Post Day! The mission is simple – share a positive post about Pit Bulls.

The timing couldn’t be better for me, actually. This weekend, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with a fantastic Pit Bull in need of a home, and I’m delighted to introduce her to you today. Continue reading


Saint Howlentine’s Day & Pillars for K

Today, I join several other bloggers for Pillars of Strength – A Special Day for K.

K is the canine star of many gorgeous photos over at Romping and Rolling in the Rockies, as well as the beloved companion of my blogging friend KB.

The photography of K and her furry brother R takes my breath away on a regular basis.  It’s a constant reminder to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds me.

K has been diagnosed with cancer (osteosarcoma in one of her front legs) and will be undergoing another round of chemo next week. Today, many pet bloggers are joining together to send support and encouragement to K and KB during this time. I’m joining in to send lots of hugs their way.

I also thought I’d send a few smiles their way, with a special Valentine’s Day edition of No Frown Friday, dedicated to K and KB.  Enjoy these links from the heart, after the jump:

  1. It wouldn’t be a pseudo No Frown Friday without a punny name.  We’ll go with Saint Howlentine.
  2. I want to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the zoo… how do I get invited?
  3. Check out these adorable Valentine’s Day cards – they’re cute and for a good cause.  (No shame in sending a belated valentine, after all.  Shouldn’t we celebrate love every day?)
  4. Here’s one for the legal nerds, or maybe those who just like Mad Libs – sign a Valentine’s Day contract this year.  (Don’t worry, other nerds – I’ve got you covered too.  Enjoy Valentine’s Day for Math Nerds.)
  5. Need a last minute (or belated – see #3) Valentine’s Day gift?  Here are some great gifts for every budget.  Want to see more?  The cute continues… 
  6. You could always make a gift.  Perhaps a cupcake with a heart inside?  (If that’s not your style, just celebrate Chocolate Eating Day instead.)
  7. Don’t forget to make a treat for your pup too… yum!
  8. Here’s a history lesson about those conversation hearts.  I don’t love the taste, but I do love the idea.  What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?  
  9. I can’t argue with this lovely message from 24 Paws of Love – everyone needs a Snoopy.
It wouldn’t be a link roundup without a video… so here’s one I found just for K.  Don’t worry, the only actual chocolate in the video is the Lab:

Please join me and these other fantastic bloggers to send hugs and good thoughts to K and KB today…


Corgis (and Ryan Gosling)… in… space!

Before we get into the usual Friday linkage, I wanted to take a moment to thank the veterans who have served our country.  We owe them a great deal.  As always on this holiday, my thoughts go to the poem “In Flanders Field” – those verses say so very much.  If you have a chance, I also recommend you check out these amazing and inspiring photos from a new book on canine soldiers.

Now, it’s time for your usual installment of No Frown Friday…

  1. We begin, as always, with punny pet names, this time with a farming twist: Billy Goat Idol.
  2. Take an iconic album cover.  Insert adorable kitten(s).  Achieve awesomeness.  (Bonus punny pet name: David Meowie.)
  3. Also awesome?  Puppies running in slow motion.  You know I can’t resist puppies having a Chariots of Fire moment.
  4. Apparently the Internet is all about giving me plenty of slow-mo dogs this week.  Thanks, Internet.
  5. This next one’s not slow-mo, but it’s fantastic… talk about a unique dog.
  6. Now it’s time to answer an age-old question.  Forget puppies versus babies, the real cute-off is between puppies and Ryan Gosling. (I’m beginning to think Gosling needs his own category on the blog.  Oh, fine – here you go.)

Another topic that makes frequent appearances?  Space.  So, without further ado, I give you this week’s video:  Corgis… in… space!

 (If you can’t get enough space, go watch Nyan Cat too.  Someone should come up with Nyan Gosling Cat.  Get on it, Internet.)

That concludes your regularly scheduled linkage.  Before I go, you should know that a pretty cool event is going on in blogland this weekend – it’s a Blogpocalypse!  A group of wonderful bloggers will be participating in a blogathon to raise support for various causes.  I hope you’ll check them out.  (If you do, you might even see a guest post from me over at My Brown Newfies!)


Hello… is it a doggie you’re looking for?

I’ve got lots of linky goodness for you today.  Before we get silly, however, I have some cool information to share with you in honor of Pit Bull Awareness Day, which just so happens to be tomorrow.

Our pals over at love and a six-foot leash have put together a special adoption event with the Montgomery County Humane Society.  For a select group of lovable wonderbulls known as Little Zee’s Fabulous Four, all adoption fees will be sponsored.  Once a dog in the Fabulous Four is adopted, a new one will take his or her place on the list.

If you’re in the DC area, check out the details on how you can bring one of these adorable pups home.  (Even if you’re not looking for another dog right now or aren’t in DC, you can still help by spreading the word!)  For bonus points, head over to Peaceful dog, where a donation will be made to the Washington Humane Society for each comment.  Pretty cool, huh?

Now, back to your regularly scheduled puns…

  1. Your punny pet name: Lionel Itchy.
  2. Remember how much I loved that Lionel Richie teapot?  Well, here’s an awesome flyer to go with it. I don’t know why he fascinates me so… perhaps I’ve been wooed by his grammar skills.
  3. On a related note, I saw the sign below one day, and it was the highlight of my week.  I’m sure the people who saw me taking this photo thought I was nuts – however, anyone who gets the reference below scores instant awesome points.  (I’m beginning to think I need to join Lionel Richie Fans Anonymous.  Their motto?  “Hello… is it therapy you’re looking for?”)
  4. Lionel Richie crossing
  5. Um… moving on… looking for a treat to make for Halloween? Check out these creepy eyeball cake pops from Bakerella.  (Continuing on that theme… there photos of animals’ eyes up close are pretty cool.)
  6. If that didn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, try these awesome cakes inspired by Tim Burton.  (There might even be some new eye candy on my baking blog… head on over and check it out.)
  7. Last week, I highlighted some dogs in Halloween costumes.  This week, cats get their due.  (Speaking of cats, this diagram should clear up what all the fuss is about.)
  8. Also… I think this might be the best costume ever (although I doubt it’d translate into a pet costume).
  9. Want to see more cute pet costumes (and vote for your favorite)?  Go to All Things Dog Blog to vote for the Most Original Costume, and swing by DogTipper to vote for the Cutest Costume.
  10. I wish I’d read this article about pumpkin carving tips before I tried to carve mine last weekend.  Nonetheless, maybe it’ll help you in your carving endeavors.  (Are you a pumpkin carving savant?  Then you might want to enter this contest.)
  11. This photo looks like it came from some sort of horror movie.

The video below, however, looks like it came from the best movie ever.

It’s like a remake of 8 Seconds only much more fun and without Dylan McKay.

Oh, and I know it’s No Frown Friday, but I want to keep you posted on what’s up with us today.  Bella had to go in for surgery to have a lump removed this morning, and I’ll be picking her up this evening if all goes well.  That being said, we’d appreciate any healing vibes you could send her way.

I’m hoping that it’ll turn out to be nothing, and that the worst part of the whole ordeal will be her displeasure regarding the cone of shame.  (At least we don’t have a doggie door, I suppose…)