When dogs send email…

Tavish, in his illustrious career, has sent one email. However, he made it count.

The hubs was working from home. He was on the couch with his laptop.  Demanding attention, Tavish marched over to the laptop and walked on the keyboard. He replied to an email with one character – a single, perfect question mark.

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Needless to say, the recipient of the “?” email was a tad confused, and then the hubs had to explain that Tavish sent it, not him. I guess this is the modern equivalent of the dog eating your homework?  (Listen, don’t be mad at me. My dog sent that email.)

Do your dogs walk on the keyboard when you’re trying to type?


#K9Kamp: Turn that frown upside down by not sitting around

Today is the last day of this session of K9 Kamp. It’s been fun, so I thought I’d send it off with an appropriate farewell. That’s right, today’s links are fit to be read…

  1. Up first, your punny pet names: Richard Simbones and Dane Fonda. (Alternatives for that last one: Jane Fawnda or Mane Fonda.)
  2. We did a lot of walking this time around. For the next session of K9 Kamp, I hope to step it up a bit. I’ll be taking a cue from some of my fellow Kampers, who came up with great ways to stay fit. Among them? Hiking, skateboarding, weightlifting, superhero training, kayaking, and geocaching.
  3. It’s not just about working out though. Being healthy involves eating right too, which would be much easier if I had a chef like this one helping me out.
  4. I’m feeling nostalgic for Kamp already. Can’t we have a few more days of campfire songs and s’mores (in appropriately-sized portions, of course)? Time to pull out the photos and reminisce.
  5. Even though Kamp is over for now, there will still be mini-challenges each month courtesy of our newest coach. I can’t wait (and I know my squishy core can still use some more work).
  6. I’d still like to put in a formal request that Koly engage in some (videotaped) Prancercise, with or without a John Mayer soundtrack. (Pretty please? I’ll even try to see if I can figure out how Tavish can do the Flo in return.)
  7. On a tangentially related note, today happens to be Take Your Dog to Work Day. I wonder if you could bring your dog to the office gym. (Probably not.)

Finally, I leave you with today’s video. I’m kind of in love with it – it makes me want to finally learn how to edit a decent video and come up with something amazing for the next session of K9 Kamp.

Even though this session of Kamp has come to an end, you can still enter to win an awesome grand prize package until Tuesday, June 25. Go check it out!

Finally, here’s what we were up to on the blog this week:

Will you be working out with your dog this weekend?


Unleash your inner barkitect…

I fear that last week’s Seussian link collection may have used up my yearly supply of poetic inspiration. So, we’re back to the regular format today…

  1. First up, your punny pet name: Frank Lloyd Bite.
  2. Move over, Art Vandelay. Architecture just went to the dogs. That’s right… it’s barkitecture!
  3. This one might be my favorite. I love the idea behind it.
  4. Speaking of Barkitecture, it’s also the name of a pretty cool annual festival in Austin. Sadly, it doesn’t happen in July, which is when I went to Austin last year. Anyway, check out some of the photos.
  5. Looks like there’s something similar in Houston and in California (and some other places) too. There needs to be one near me!
  6. Does your dog have a long body, but short legs? Well, you might adore these creative structures.
  7. Talk about your pampered pooches… they’re living high on the dog!
  8. Honestly though, even if we had a dog mansion, I’m pretty sure my dogs would just nap in the grass or the dirt instead when they are hanging out in the yard. That’s just how they roll.
  9. Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright designed a dog house at the request of a young boy? It turns out, however, that FLW was not in tune with his inner canine. The boy’s dog, Eddie, was not a big fan of the work.
  10. It seems that there was once a show called Barkitecture on the DIY Network. I am intrigued… is it still on? If not, what happened to it? And how did I miss it?

You know, when I was a kid, one of our dogs used to sleep on the roof of his dog house, like Snoopy. That roof was flat, however. Snoopy’s house seems kind of pointy on top. That can’t be good for his back.

Anyway, here’s how some toy manufacturers got around that problem:

Let us never speak of that terrifyingly large Woodstock again.


Grab your puppy purse & meet me on the red carpet

As you know, I am addicted to awards shows. The Academy Awards are this weekend, which makes me feel… well, kind of like this.

(Oh, and if you follow me on Twitter, I apologize in advance for the fact that I will probably tweet far too much about the Oscars on Sunday evening.)

  1. Your punny pet names are, of course, inspired by this year’s nominees: Spaniel Day-Lewis, Alan Barkin, and Fang Lee. 
  2. I wish I was throwing an Oscar party so that I could make these punny foods. I’m especially partial to Beets of the Southern Wild.
  3. Has there ever been a puppy purse on the red carpet at the Academy Awards? Well, there will be soon. To paraphrase Ted Mosby… Pulling. It. Off.
  4. I would very much like to hire these animal doppelgängers to star in punny remakes of my favorite Oscar movies. (Until then, this video will have to do.)
  5. If that random Tupac hologram isn’t available, maybe the Academy should consider asking Tupac Shacorgi to be a presenter instead. Ratings gold.
  6. I enjoy this slightly different take on the Best Picture race.
  7. Speaking of Best Picture winners, these posters are pretty cool.
  8. Still need to fill out your Oscar ballot? Here’s one way to make your picks.

I was torn between two videos this week, both starring the canine star of a past Best Picture winner: Uggie from The Artist! Although this one features Uggie in a tie, the corny humor in the video below edged it out by the slimmest of margins.

Finally, in conclusion… thanks, Meryl.


Forget Skynet… meet our new canine overlords

The dogs… they are evolving. Now that they can communicate by means other than the Twilight Bark, I’m pretty sure they’ll be taking over soon.

First Skype… then the world.

Um, seriously… pretty soon we’ll be working for the dogs. (Oh wait, I already do. Don’t laugh. You probably do too. Unless you have a cat, in which case both you and the dogs are probably on his payroll.)

Still not convinced? Dogs have already mastered more efficient modes of transportation. They’ve learned to brave the elements. I’m pretty sure that this dog will be organizing a canine Ocean’s Eleven any day now (with his pals George Cloonflea and Brad Sit). And let’s be honest – they’ve obviously conquered this whole blogging thing.

Humanity is doomed. The only question now is whether we will have to welcome our new canine overlords or our new feline ones.

Cops: K9 Edition

Otto the Police Dog demo

Otto the Police Dog doing a demo at Barktoberfest

Digging the black & white vibe we’ve got going on today? It’s part of the Black & White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, My Life in Blog Years, and Dachshund Nola. Stop by one of those blogs to link up and join the fun!


Meowing for medals

As I confessed last week, I’m an Olympics junkie. Maybe I should just embrace it and purchase some Olympics-inspired decor. Or I could rock some Olympic nail art. In any event, I’m just a tad obsessed. So, it’s the same theme, but all new links…

  1. First up, your punny pet names (both inspired by the same gold medalist): Tabby Douglas and Gabby Puglas.
  2. Did you watch the Opening Ceremony? There were Corgis! This roundup of Corgi-related goodness (including photos of the Queen and her pups through the years) will leave you smiling.
  3. On a tangentially-related note, this slideshow of dogs on vacation includes two very adorable Corgis.
  4. I’m so jealous of those pups who get to experience the Olympics in person.
  5. Apparently the pups are taking over in London this year!
  6. The Olympians of the animal kingdom are pretty darn impressive – guess it’s a good thing (for the human athletes) that they aren’t competing this year. (It would be a battle for the ages.)
  7. Speaking of animal athletes, Michael Phelps has a canine swimming buddy (in training). Also cute? This swimming pup. (Not so cute? This. Just… ew.)
  8. Even if your pup won’t be winning a gold medal in London, there are still many great Olympic activities she can enjoy!
  9. Are those a little too traditional for you? Well, then you’re in luck – how about the 100 meters postman race?

Finally, I think today’s video is all the evidence we need that kitten wrestling should be an Olympic event.

I can’t help myself… I have a second video today. Meet my new favorite track star:

I’ll stop now. Happy Friday!


Barking for the gold

Despite my general lack of athletic ability, I’m kind of an Olympics nerd. I really enjoy watching them, so you can bet that tonight I’ll be watching the opening ceremony. The costume craziness is just too good to pass up. (My menu will not be as classy as this one, although I now really want this baking gear.)

Anyway, the torch is on its way, so let’s get to it:

  1. This week’s punny pet names are, yet again, inspired by Olympic athletes: Aleasha Packramone and Tabby Wambach (or, if you prefer, Abby Wambark).
  2. The games are in London, Eng-a-land, this year, making this post from under the blanket a perfect fit for today’s linkage. (Did you know that London is the first city to host the Olympics three times?)
  3. Well, this is an entirely new take on the dog eating your homework. (I just love an Olympian with a beloved pet!)
  4. There will be some dogs looking out for those attending the Olympics. All security should be this cute.
  5. Maybe your dog wants to get in on the action? Make him this Olympic rings dog toy. If that’s not enough, tell him to check out the Pet Blogging Games.
  6. Adding Olympic sock catching to the games in 2016? I vote yes.
  7. I’m fond of (watching) many sports, but I’ll always have a soft spot for gymnastics. (I desperately wanted to take gymnastics classes as a child, but the logistics did not work out. To this day, I still can’t do a cartwheel.) As such, I enjoyed this salute to Olympic gymnast hair.
  8. I loved this next link – photos of Olympians hugging their parents. So sweet.
  9. Let’s stick with the sappy for a moment. Check out this list of ten inspirational moments from the Olympics.
  10. Cheetahs named after Olympic sprinters? Brilliant.

Today’s video is, fittingly, about Olympic athletes and their pets.

Are you excited about the Olympics? What events are you looking forward to watching?