I’m getting mutton for Christmas

These past few weeks, I’ve found myself revisiting some of my favorite Bella memories. Remembering all of her wonderful quirks makes me smile, even if that smile is often (okay, always) through some tears. In any event, I thought I’d share a few of these as I try to get back into the blog.

Today’s tale has it all – mystery, comedy… and even MURDER.

It was a cold night. Presents were stacked under the unlit Christmas tree. In the corner of my mother-in-law’s living room, a ceramic assembly gathered around an empty crib, quietly awaiting the arrival of the porcelain Savior. Faux-human and faux-animal alike, they patiently kept watch, anticipating the moment that the giant hand would place the baby in the miniature manger.  Distracted by the imminent miracle, they failed to notice that one of their own was missing.

He wasn’t the fanciest sheep, nor the prettiest one. In fact, they never knew how he became a part of the flock. He was always there, but he was undeniably different. The leader of the flock accepted him without question, and the others followed like… well, like sheep. (Just calling ‘em like I see ‘em.)

That fateful night, the plastic sheep found himself separated from the ceramic flock. As he faced down the giant she-beast, he knew that he would not see the Nativity storage container ever again. Although she did not usually devour miniature figurines, his plastic scent was too much to resist that night.

Later, in the harsh light of Christmas morning, the crime scene revealed itself. Crumbs of plastic sheep littered the manger. It didn’t take a world-class detective to discover the culprit – after all, the small brown and white dog happily pooping out pieces of plastic sheep didn’t seem too ashamed of her heinous act.

Bella's Mugshot - wantmorepuppies.com

The face of a smooth criminal…


What’s on your must-watch holiday list?

I’ve been having trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year. However, a wise doctor (okay, me) prescribed a steady diet of holiday television. My condition has been upgraded, and I’m well on the way to recovery.

What programs are essential to my Daily Recommend Intake of Holiday Television (DRIHT… totally a catchy acronym)? Every year, I must watch at least the following ten things or I’ll get a case of the Grinchies:

  1. A Garfield Christmas Special  – Absolutely essential. I am singing this song right now. Right. Now.
  2. White Christmas  - Possibly my favorite holiday movie ever. It seriously has it all.
  3. A Charlie Brown Christmas  – An equally essential choice. Dance it out.
  4. Mickey’s Christmas Carol  - Probably my favorite of the Carols. I get giddy just watching the opening.
  5. The Muppet Christmas Carol  – Almost tied with Mickey. So many good songs.
  6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - I am a Max the dog fangirl.  Cartoon version only, please.  As far as I’m concerned, that Jim Carrey thing never happened.
  7. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – This was always one of my favorites growing up.  Mice! Saving Christmas!
  8. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - I still refer to the Island of Misfit Toys on a regular basis (possibly as often as once a week).
  9. Elf  – Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?
  10. It’s a Wonderful Life  – Oh, George Bailey. You get me every time.

Oh, and I also need to watch these two things:

These two via wantmorepuppies.com

The most essential viewing of all.

So, tell me… what do you absolutely have to watch to get into the holiday mood?

(Oh, and if you happened to notice that there was no linkage yesterday, have no fear. I’m hoping to post a non-Friday installment in the near future to make up for it!)


The creatures are stirring…

Given that we’re knee-deep in December, I’m embracing the holidays today:

  1. First up, your punny pet names: Patrick Mewart and Andrew Mice Clay.
  2. Holy crap. It’s a blind dog painting Christmas ornaments.
  3. Um, speaking of painting… puppies, you’re doing it wrong.
  4. Best Christmas photo ever? It’s possible.
  5. Also, this might be the best Christmas ad ever.
  6. Move over, Mariah. These guys just threw down the gauntlet with a fantastic cover of a Christmas classic.
  7. I love a good Cativity scene.
  8. However, I’d prefer if we don’t let it snow. Make it so.

Finally, here’s today’s video:

Folks, don’t try this at home. Instead, check out what we were up to on the blog this week (if you missed it the first time around):

That’s all for today. I need to do some decorating this weekend, but I have a feeling that my lazy pups will not be helping. Not a creature will be stirring to help me unless that mouse comes to visit.

Not my house. (via giphy.com)

Are you ready for the holidays, or are you behind like me?


Canine Christmas carols, part deux

That’s right, I’m referencing a Charlie Sheen movie from 1993. What of it?

Anyway, it’s time for another caroldy installment. After all, caroldies are the reason for the season (or so I’ve heard). First, I’d like to share my new favorite caroldy, composed by Kristine from Rescued Insanity. She gave Wham’s Last Christmas the caroldy treatment, and it is amazing and awesome. Go read it.

(Wham!’s? How the heck do I make a band name ending in an exclamation point possessive? Oh, grammar gods, I need your help.)

via giphy.com

Up next, a few caroldies shared in the comments last weekContinue reading


Christmas carols, doggie style

You know, I almost used this post title in the past. However, I chickened out. This year, I’m chickening in instead. (Is that the opposite of chickening out?)

In any event, I thought I’d kick things off with the first caroldy of the year. Pretend I’m singing it to you. (If you need to jog your memory, here’s the tune.)

via giphy.com

Be glad I’m not actually singing to you, as it would probably just hurt your ears. I really need a singer and director on my staff to take these to the next level. However, first I need a staff. It’s a real chicken and egg problem (or something). Anyway…

Joy to the World (Dog Edition)

Joy to the world! My owner’s home.
Let her fill up my bowl.
Let’s take a walk, around the block,
When lots of things I’ll be sniffing,
When lots of things I’ll be sniffing,
When lots and lots of things I’ll be sniffing.

Joy to the world! A brand new bone.
Let me chew upon it please.
While you watch TV, I’ll chew loudly,
You won’t hear a single word,
You won’t hear a single word,
You won’t hear, hear, a single word.

So, now it’s your turn. What songs deserve the caroldy treatment this year? The Greatest Hits CD so far includes:

Share your requests in the comments, add some more verses to the song above, or hit me with some caroldies of your own!


Even a miracle needs a hand…

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s okay to start posting about Christmas, right? I’m not going to lie – it’s one of my favorite times of the year.

Today, I was thinking about challenges and how sometimes wonderful things don’t just happen – that sometimes you have to help them along. (I think Bella and Tavish take this approach to meals – why wait for me to prepare dinner when you can speed things along by doing a food dance? Lucky me – dinner and a show!)

Anyway, it seems like the perfect day to share a song from one of my favorite Christmas specials. Such wise cartoons we had back in the day…

Talk about a lesson I wish I could remember all year long – whether it’s a change in my own life or something I could do to help someone else’s miracle along, it’s all about action. Just watching the world go by isn’t enough. After all, as a famous man once said, “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.”  I’m trying, tiny mice, I’m trying…

Also, it’s time to talk about holiday specials again – what are your favorites? You know I love any reason to stroll down Memory Lane. I should really just buy a house there.


What’s your favorite holiday special?

I know everyone loves It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (and if I drew you a Venn diagram right now, a tiny circle labeled “me” would appear within that larger circle labeled “everyone”). However, I have to admit that there’s a Halloween special that beats it for me. Any guesses? Hint: it stars a big fat Halloween cat

Revisiting this one made me wonder – what’s your favorite holiday special? I tend to think that Halloween kind of kicks off the holiday season, so feel free to talk Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday that floats your boat.

Here’s a few (non-exhaustive) lists to get you started: Halloween specials, Thanksgiving specials, and Christmas specials. (Disclaimer: in my book, any list that doesn’t include the Garfield special for the holiday in question is not complete.)

I do love holiday TV (as my viewing habits during the next two months will reflect), so my list could go on and on. Feel free to discuss your favorites in the comments and perhaps I’ll share some of them during the holiday season! I’ll also tell you more about my favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas specials too as the dates get closer. Time to get into the holiday spirit!