Lose another hour (or more) with these ten posts

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11 pleasing pet posts you’ll love (unless you’re Grumpy Cat)

It’s time for another monthly roundup. Please enjoy these phenomenally pleasing posts that I loved in the month of January.   Continue reading


14 posts to remember from November

It’s time for yet another monthly roundup. Well, technically it’s past time. Anyway… today, I give you fourteen posts that made me smile in the month of November:

  1. Mirth Watch Thursday: We Are the Furred from Pooch Smooches – You know I can’t resist a song parody.
  2. Tips For Traveling with a Cat from Rescued Insanity – I know that it sounds like a straightforward post. It is not.
  3. Things You Say to Dogs That Would Be Creepy If You Said to People from Bunny’s Blog – Can’t argue with that.
  4. If my dogs were kittens. And they had a box. from Oh My Dog! – I’m a sucker for cats in boxes. True story.
  5. Why I Took Leaves From My Parents And Now I’m Taking Them Back from My Brown Newfies – It’s genius. Weird genius.
  6. Misconceptions about Gay People and Dogs from Fidose of Reality – This is a truly fantastic post, but the line about the dog with the video camera might just be my favorite part.
  7. Monday Mischief: Mischief-less In 7 Letters or Less from Pooch Smooches – I love this idea. What would your dog’s vanity plate say?

    Tell me more via wantmorepuppies.com

    Inquiring Tavishes want to know…

  8. Ty and Buster: How the Boys Got Their Names from Take Paws – I’m still giggling about the Rancid suggestion.
  9. FitDog Friday: Overcoming Obstacles from Beagles and Bargains – I can relate.
  10. The Rival in My Bed from Something Wagging This Way Comes – Between the post and the comments, it’s got your Daily Laugh Requirement (DLR) covered.
  11. Dog Nose Wisdom from Raising a Super Dog – I think Jager should be my new life coach. How do I make that happen?
  12. Getting to Know My Dog’s Brush (In Which the Dog’s Brush Can Speak and I Interview It) from The Chronicles of Cardigan – Where does she come up with this stuff? Love it.
  13. I Write More and More Letters from Rescued Insanity – I cannot get enough of these. (Also, Food Network? I hope you were listening to this wise woman.)
  14. Dogs in the heat of the night from A slightly R-rated dog blog – Let’s end on a joke, shall we? We shall.

There you have it – did I miss any of your favorite posts from November? (It’s possible – I only have two eyes and one laptop, after all.) If so, please share them in the comments. (Or, if you have some from December, send them my way for the next list!)


Canine Christmas carols, part deux

That’s right, I’m referencing a Charlie Sheen movie from 1993. What of it?

Anyway, it’s time for another caroldy installment. After all, caroldies are the reason for the season (or so I’ve heard). First, I’d like to share my new favorite caroldy, composed by Kristine from Rescued Insanity. She gave Wham’s Last Christmas the caroldy treatment, and it is amazing and awesome. Go read it.

(Wham!’s? How the heck do I make a band name ending in an exclamation point possessive? Oh, grammar gods, I need your help.)

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Why should you step out from behind that camera? Here’s why.

Meet the Pet Bloggers HopIf you scour my blog, you might find one photo of me. That’s pretty much it.

I was having a conversation with a few blogging friends the other day, and it turns out that I’m not alone on that front.

As bloggers – particularly pet bloggers – we spend a lot of time behind the camera, but not that much in front of it. We post countless photos of our furballs and share all sorts of personal stories, but – for some of us, at least – it’s pretty rare that our faces grace the hallowed HTML of our own blogs.

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Fourteen fun posts from some furry (and funny) friends

I’ve been a bit behind on my monthly roundups. The past few months have been pretty busy. Given how often I probably complain about being busy, I feel like I should recognize how annoying that might be. Sorry, friends.

someecards.com - Thanks for all the time you spend listening to me complain about not having enough time.

via someecards.com

Anyway, I thought I’d make it up to you today and try to get back on track by sharing some of my favorite posts from the months of March and April. I hope that these posts put a smile on your face!

  1. We’re Taking Notes On Some of Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Quotes from My Brown Newfies – As you know, I love Seuss.
  2. Moving Tips from the Dog from Kol’s Notes – Take note, humans.
  3. The Dog Person’s Guide to Spring from Something Wagging This Way Comes – Those tumbleweeds of dog hair are certainly a sign of a new season.
  4. I Write More Letters from Rescued Insanity – Clever and touching.
  5. Küster’s Magic Shut Up Spoon from Tales and Tails – How do I order one?
  6. Bella blowing bubbles (video) from Bringing Up Bella – It may be impossible to watch this one without smiling.
  7. Buying a Couch When You Have a Dog from Sugar the Golden Retriever – Why, I can’t imagine what one would need to be concerned about…
  8. Weird Conversations I Had With My Husband This Week from My Brown Newfies – Dog hair in your sandwich sounds pretty normal to me.
  9. More Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Greyhound from Tales and Tails – You can’t argue with logic.
  10. Future Boys from BZ Dogs – Tribbles! Need I say more?
  11. The Dog Lover’s Guide to Great Sex from Something Wagging This Way Comes – I could not stop laughing.
  12. Blogger-to-Blogger Grammar Tips: How to Avoid Homonym Hades (illustrated with funny pet photos) from The Chronicles of Cardigan – Grammar nerds unite! If you need me, I’ll be over here giggling about the Shakespeare joke.
  13. Mirth Watch Thursday: Opposable Thumbs from Pooch Smooches – What would your dog do?
  14. Ways to Show Kindness in the Blogging World from Rescued Insanity – We could all use a little more kindness, after all.

Did I miss any of your favorite posts? Please share them in the comments. I’ve been behind on my reading, so I’m sure I missed some gems out there!


8 reasons to smile today

I’m pretty far behind on my monthly roundups (and on everything else lately). So, before May is upon us, I thought I’d share my favorite posts from the month of February. (See? Really far behind.)

Anyway, enjoy these posts that made me smile during my least favorite month:

  1. {This Moment} See Beautiful – Sometimes she’s just a normal dog from Bringing Up Bella – This post makes my heart smile.
  2. Wordless Wednesday 2/13 – You Have To Kiss A Lot Of Frogs from Tales and Tails – Dogs. Frogs. Rhymes. Good times. (I am such a nerd.)
  3. Monday Mischief from Heart Like a Dog – This one reminds me of the time Bella decided to go snow swimming.
  4. Wondering what “single” cats are doing for Valentine’s Day? from Cat Chat – I couldn’t stop laughing.
  5. It’s Never the Dog’s Fault: A Felix-y Flashback from Kol’s Notes – A sweet story and one that focuses on Felix? Awesome.
  6. Where’s Momo? from The Poodle (and Dog) Blog – I think I just found my new favorite game.
  7. Speaking to Dogs So They Don’t Understand You from Something Wagging This Way Comes – I know I tend to spell around the d-o-g-s so that they don’t know what I’m talking about. Do you?
  8. Why My Rottweiler Let My Pomeranian Beat Her Up – And Other Important Questions from Rescued Insanity – Simply genius.

I should be back to a regular posting schedule soon… bear with me, dear readers.


Imitation is the sincerest form of insanity

Today’s post is inspired by my pal Kristine from Rescued Insanity. She recently shared some common search terms that led people to her blog. The results were pretty entertaining. (Go check them out… I’ll wait. Funny, right?)

They (?) say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So, I’ve decided to flatter the heck out of Kristine today and steal borrow get inspired by her idea.

Anyway… to the search terms!

In not-shocking news, a lot of people end up here by searching for “punny dog names” or “punny cat names” (and occasionally, for “punny animal names”). One day, I truly hope to become the preeminent website for ridiculously punny names. A gal can dream, after all.

“it’s funny how people twist words” – I hope so, as that’s my bread and butter.

“pet names for hairy men” – I wonder if one of my punny pet names was of use. I’m not sure if I’m flattered or frightened that this searcher ended up here.

“What kind of dog is in the Travelers commercial?” – Apparently, this question has haunted many an Internet searcher. I noticed a ton of variations on this question. Chopper the dog is spreading the word about the awesomeness of the mixed breed. Mutts unite!

“sunshine on my puppy” – Makes me happy…

Vintage Bella

“bella freud and husband” – I’m just going to help you out by leaving this link here.

“frowning quokka” – I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a quokka, but I’m not sure they are capable of frowning.

“same love gay dog” and “gay dog love.blogspot” – Well, I know why these two led you here, although the structure of your search terms puzzles me a bit. (Someone also found this site by searching “gay jude collin the pirata” – I have no idea what that means.)

“Why do you tilt your head when you are confused” and “why do we tilt our heads when confused to the right” – Because it seems to work for the dogs, so I thought I’d give it a try.

“power stones fan” – In fact, I’m tilting my head right now.

“my mom signs to my dog” – Pics or it didn’t happen.

“dog chewed letters on name tag. can’t read” and “dog walker didn’t show” – I am sorry to hear both of those things, but I’m not sure how I can help you… although I might suggest you get both a new name tag and a new dog walker.

“panties in a bunch better words” – I’m glad to see I’m not the only nerdy person who thinks about this stuff.

“self carrying dog blanket” – I smell a million-dollar idea. Any leads on a self-carrying poop bag? I’m placing my order right now.

“hello is it” – this blog you’re looking for? (I think this search term delighted me the most. I wonder how many confused Lionel Richie fans end up here.)

“buy goose northern Virginia” – All those goose puns are finally catching up with me, I guess. I do not actually run an underground goose market, however.

“northern Virginia bunnies for photographers” – I assume there’s some photographer out there looking for a few good bunny models? Unfortunately, if I do have a bunny modeling agency, it is only imaginary (much like the second season of Models, Inc.).

“massage on Thanksgiving” – You’re barking up the wrong tree, bud.

“professor Garfield” – Given that I only talk about the cat, I have a feeling that this blog was not the professor you were looking for. (I do enjoy the search terms containing some variation on the Garfield “down doobie doo down down” comic.)

list of puns furrever eggcelent” – Now this one makes sense to me.

“why does every kid want a puppy?” – Um, because they’re awesome. Why don’t you just ask me why every kid wants ice cream?

“tell me more about puppies” – Happy to be of service. Pull up a chair and start surfing the archives. You might be here a while.

“no you love puppies and cupcakes” – Why, yes. Yes I do. I never claimed otherwise.

“I still highly want to” – I got nothin’. Follow your dreams. You can reach your goals.

Swing by Rescued Insanity (if you didn’t do so already, even though I told you I’d wait) to see what terms Kristine shared and to check out some funny terms in the comments. Then share your funny search terms below!


9 posts to beat the February blahs

Obviously, I’m a bit behind. Nonetheless, I’m finally sharing the roundup of some of the posts I enjoyed in December, which seems so very long ago.

(Don’t take it personally. I currently have seven episodes of Nashville, thirteen episodes of Arrow, four episodes of Dallas, and twelve episodes of Boardwalk Empire waiting for me on my DVR… not to mention the shows that have more than one word in their titles.)

  1. It’s gonna be a White Christmas!!! from Ryker Rules – Loving these photos.
  2. Although it’s been said many times, many ways… from Cardiganshire Corgis – Speaking of awesome photos, this one cracked me up.
  3. Meme-ing our life away from You Did What With Your Wiener – I can’t choose a favorite, but these are great.
  4. 8 Holiday Questions for 8 Authors from Pooch Smooches – Carol of the Balls, anyone? Love it.
  5. Dog a Day Project: Happy Hanukkah! from Doggie Stylish – Puns!
  6. This Is My Settle Down And Take A Breath And Enjoy The Wonderfulness Post from My Brown Newfies – We all need to do this from time to time.
  7. 10 Reasons Puppies are Better than Prozac from Something Wagging this Way Comes – I can’t argue with any these.
  8. Looking for More Beautiful from Tales and Tails – Exactly what I needed.
  9. You Might Be Dog Crazy If… from Rescued Insanity – Someone should add this list to the DSM. Diagnosis? We’re all mad here.

Hope you enjoy these! I hope to get the January roundup to you sooner rather than later… but I won’t be so foolish as to make any promises.


Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers: The Winners!

It’s finally here… time to announce the winners of the Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers! You can’t go wrong with twenty-four days of giveaways, right?

Below, you’ll find the winners for days 17 through 24. (All of the winners will be contacting by e-mail no later than Sunday, January 6, with instructions on how to claim your prize!)

For days 1 through 8, swing by PupLove. For days 9 through 16, pay a visit to Rescued Insanity. To find out the identity of our super lucky and extremely generous Grand Prize winner, click on over to Kol’s Notes (the brains behind this whole operation).

KAT EGELSTON has won a starter pack from the Honest Kitchen and will receive a 4 lb. box of Honest Kitchen Force dog food, a Box of Beams Treats, a canister of Perfect Form, plus an Honest Kitchen tote bag & tee shirt!

CYNTHIA AMBER DOWNER has won a selection of grain-free, exotic meat treats from Dog’n It & Bully Bites!

RACHEL HARRISON has won a handmade dog collar with her choice of a flower or bow tie accessory from Chuckle Hounds.


JUDY GREGORY has won an “I Love My Little Dog” mug, a “Never Trust a Dog to Guard Food” magnet and doggy salt & pepper shakers from Our Name is Mud.


MARISSA E. has won has won a prize package of tasty freeze dried dog food and meaty dog treats from The Real Meat Company.


LISA F has won a beautiful bronze and silver-plated pewter “Be good to yourself – get a dog” bracelet from Toby and Max Jewelry.


GRETCHEN KUHNS has won a set of the Chet & Bernie Mysteries: Dog On ItThereby Hangs a TailTo Fetch a ThiefThe Dog Who Knew Too Much and  A Fistful of Collars from Atria Publishing.


DARLENE OWEN has won tasty  Beef Liver Topping & Chicken Liver Treats from Pawmetto Pet Treats.


Congrats to all the winners!