Odds and ends and ducks and Friends

Well, that didn’t work.

I thought that my month of blogging in August would reignite the blogging flame… however, I think it resulted in a second wave of blogging burnout.

Never fear, however… I’m working on a plan to get myself back on track. In the meantime, I thought I’d dedicate this edition of Friday* linkage to some things that I have been filling my time with lately:

  1. Before we get started, however, I would be remiss if I failed to share some punny pet names: Hiss Messina (for a snake) and Mindy Meowling.
  2. Those pet names miiiiight have given you a clue to what I’ve been watching lately.  My list of current TV obsessions includes The Mindy Project. (I mean, seriously. Seriously, people.)
  3. I’m also obsessed with Outlander. (You might be noticing a theme in the links, but I promise I’m totally into the rest of the show too. I’ve even read the books!)
  4. I’ve also been loving all of the Friends coverage lately. I’ll never get over it. (Also, this kid is possibly the coolest kid ever. So cute.)
  5. Beyond the pop culture realm, I’ve also been fascinated by the Scottish independence referendum.  (This John Oliver clip is hilarious. This moment on CNN is perfection. Like gum.)
  6. In news that will be surprising to absolutely zero people, I have also been staring at photos of the new baby red pandas.  I think these pandas are my lobsters.
  7. Um, new Dr. Seuss? Epic.
  8. I’m not even sure how words can do this next link justice. I’ll just say that it is my everything and let you enjoy the awesomeness.

Finally, today’s video. I can’t stop watching this:

Speaking of things I can’t seem to stop doing, I probably read this post like ten times and laughed every single time.

Until next time, faithful friends!

*I assume you can forgive me for providing Friday linkage on a Thursday night.


Senior dogs rock: Maturity is totally underrated

It’s time for your weekly linkage. I’ve chosen today’s theme for one simple reason. Senior dogs rock.

  1. First up, your punny pet names: Lickey Rooney and Ben Catlock.
  2. This month, I’m doing a series of posts about senior pets on the Grouchy Puppy blog. Head on over and check out my first post to find out how an old dog can teach you some new tricks.
  3. These dogs with old man faces are awesome, as are the accompanying Sanka and Matlock references.
  4. I’m loving these photos of senior dogs across America from Nancy LeVine.
  5. This is slightly off topic, but I don’t care. History is old. This Animals From History ebook looks amazing. (There are puns!) I want to hang prints of the illustrations around my house. It would totally class up the joint.
  6. These vintage art dogs are also pretty great.

Finally, I give you today’s video. This mature dog is pretty charming, don’t you think?

In case you missed it, here’s what else we were up to on the blog this week:

Oh, and don’t forget to swing by Kol’s Notes to enter to win a cool custom pet portrait from AJ Emm!


Honest movie summaries: Dog edition

Movie summaries intrigue me. It’s a challenge to condense two hours of action into one or two sentences. I admire those who can cut through the fluff and do it with a bit of flair. (Case in point: once I read this blurb, I was never able to look at the Wizard of Oz the same way again. Even Siri has gotten into the act.)

Hence, today’s post. I’ve taken a stab at a few of my own, inspired by some cinematic canines (and one adorably corrupt feline). Some of these movies I love, some I don’t… but they’re all getting the business today. Continue reading


In which I want to buy all the things…

This past weekend, I attended the Super Pet Expo in northern Virginia. I actually ended up going twice. On Friday, I went with a few friends to do some shopping. Then on Sunday, I volunteered at the Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) dog booth.

I’m full of post ideas after this weekend. Today, I thought I’d start by sharing the damage the expo did to my pocketbook. I managed not to buy all the things, but I did buy a few. Prepare for an onslaught of photos…

Continue reading


Seuss-obsessed blogger on the loose (plus… cats in hats!)

February has passed, and March has slid into its place. The first signs of spring are slowly showing their face. Today is the first day of this glorious time, but do you know why tomorrow has inspired me to rhyme?

If you’re a studious scholar of literary renown, it’s likely this riddle will not cause you to frown. It just so happens that many years ago on that day, a man named Theodor Geisel joined our great mortal play. That’s right – tomorrow’s the birthday of the fab Dr. Seuss, so now you know that my rhyming has a fantastic excuse. I became similarly rhythmic at the same time last year, so I hope that this format will not cause you to jeer.

  1. First up, I present you with a new punny pet name. Last year, Fleaodor Seuss Geisel was my entry of fame. Repeating myself would be cheating a tad, so instead I introduce you to Ms. Feral Ladd.
  2. Fun flights of fancy seem quite fitting today, so enjoy these whimsical paintings without further delay.
  3. Do you find the alphabet much, much too tame? Use the Seussabet instead – you’ll not again feel the same.
  4. Dr. Seuss is remembered for the Grinch, green ham, and a cat, but his body of work is far more extensive than that. Before all the Sneetches or an elephant caper, Seuss was in the same business as one Mr. Don Draper.
  5. Speaking of hats, it seems the good doctor had quite a flair, for finding charming haberdashery to cover his hair.
  6. I think that this story is worth sharing, so go take a quick look. I wish that someone named Martha Graham Cracker was here to read me a book.
  7. Here’s the answer to a question you likely did not ponder: it’s Star Wars redone in shades of Seussian wonder.
  8. Although the Lorax is often quite busy speaking for trees, he still inspires fantastical parties with the greatest of ease. (Yet if you may permit me one quibble with that adorable scheme, the use of all that paper might somewhat contradict the book’s theme? I’m probably being a picky old grouch, but if I’d kept my mouth shut, I’d have felt like a slouch. In my mind, I’ll just hope that this use was excusable, and that these cute decorations will prove to be quite reusable.)
  9. This story is old, but some might find it surprising. Who knew that Yertle the Turtle posed the danger of a grade school uprising?
  10. If you’re not anti-Yertle and hosting a Seussian soiree, put these dishes on your menu to simply blow guests away.
  11. We’re not the only blog paying tribute to this brilliant writer. This poem from Cat Chat is another one to help make your day brighter.
  12. Oh, and in case a product rep is here doing some reading, I have some advice that might help if you think of proceeding. Before you request a humble blogger work for free, I suggest you take a moment – or perhaps even three - to read this cautionary missive that will help in gauging, just why your unsolicited email could prove to be mildly enraging.

Now it’s time to abandon the numerical form. I end with a video (as is often the norm):

How will you celebrate this prince of the book? Perhaps channeling his characters with your next fashionable look?

If I can make one final request of you at this time… if you’re going to comment, maybe do it in rhyme? Rhyming comments would fill me with utter delight. Then I’ll know that this post did not lead to mass reader flight.

(I hope that this format did make you feel glee, but regardless, dear reader, the choice was not up to me. For you see, I’m not only a great Seussian fan, I happen to share the day of my birth with the man. Now that my motives have been fully explained, I’m sure you’ll agree that my whimsy was no doubt preordained.)


Dogmerican Gothic

Dogmerican Gothic (B&W)

I should have made them pose with a pitchfork.

Welcome to the Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers hosted by Kol’s NotesPupLoveRescued InsanityWoof Woof Mama & I Still Want More Puppies

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Hartz and their Angry Birds Dog ToysClick here to enter to win a set of their Holiday Angry Birds, plus be entered to win our Grand Prize package worth more than $1000!

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The Secret Around-the-World Adventures of Owney, the Postal Dog

Have you ever heard the tale of Owney the Postal Dog? In the 1890s, the US Postal Service adopted a mailbag-loving mutt from Albany as its unofficial mascot and allowed him to travel wherever he chose by hopping on trains with the mail. Owney the Postal Dog journeyed across the country, collecting souvenir tags everywhere he went, and eventually even made a trip around the world.

Today, St. Louis artist David Montgomery and writer Marcelo Vital are trying to bring this cute pooch’s globetrotting adventures to life in a new graphic novel, “The Secret Around-the-World Adventures of Owney, the Postal Dog.”

The pair has set a Kickstarter goal campaign to cover production costs for the all-ages, 110-page full color book. (Check out some of the illustrations – they’re utterly charming.) They are also offering creative incentives to backers for various pledge levels – like autographed and limited edition copies of the book, personalized dog tags, original custom drawings and even having your pets appear as characters in the story alongside Owney!

Intrigued? Check out the video below, and then visit the Kickstarter page for more info.

Dog-Loving Disclaimer: The duo contacted me about sharing this project on my blog. However, I received nothing in return for sharing this campaign – I just think it’s cute and worth sharing with you guys! 


Sneaky snuggle time

I took this one using my iPhone (Instagram with the black & white filter). Tavish was downstairs with the Hub, so I took the opportunity to sneak Bella up on the bed for some snuggle time. Obviously, I wasn’t going to disturb her to go get the DSLR!

Digging the black & white vibe we’ve got going on today? It’s part of the Black & White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, My Life in Blog Years, and Dachshund Nola. Stop by one of those blogs to link up and join the fun!



Girls just wanna have pun…

It’s Friday… let’s get to the linkage!

  1. First up, your punny pet names are inspired by this slideshow (oh… hello there, Slide 15): Cullen Bones, Nathan Blue Jaydrian, and Pom Daley. (Seriously, I want to meet a Pomeranian named Pom Daley. It’s my new dream.)
  2. Speaking of punny pet names, this week I learned that Prince Harry owns a racehorse named Usain Colt. How is it possible that I never came up with that one on my own? (Bonus link: Animals with misleading names.)
  3. Emmylou Harris rocks. Check out her new project, Woofstock.
  4. Um, I would watch the heck out of Animals Acting Like Sharks Week.
  5. You know I’m a fan of all things Seussical. Thus, I loved this collection of advertising artwork from Dr. Seuss.
  6. I’m not even going to pretend that I don’t love these new ads from Old Navy featuring 90210 actors.
  7. On another nostalgia-related note… moves like Chandler!
  8. Here’s one for the Things Bella and Tavish Will Never Do files. (Oh, Corgis. Always good for a smile.) Yup… I adopt dogs that take their cues from the Gremlins.

You didn’t think I’d make it through this post with only one Olympics reference, did you? As if. Today’s video reveals the results of the Cat Sleeping Position Olympics:

That’s all folks! Hard to believe the Olympics are almost over already. Will you be spicing up your life on Sunday?