It’s maybe perhaps just a little bit chancy, but today is the time for flights of Seussical fancy

You may recall it’s an annual tradition, my writing a post for Seuss-ian recognition. (If you are new to this blog of the furry, or if your memory is just a bit blurry, you can find posts from a past calendar year by vigorously clicking first here and then here.)

A dramatic reenactment of the creation of today’s post, via

  1. We begin with names that are loaded with pun – I just pray that this practice does not make you run. Although I do slightly fear your reprisal, I’ve already done puns based on dear Mr. Geisel. So today’s offerings relate to the Academy knock – without further adieu, meet Sandra SeaGullock.
  2. Speaking of puns in a Seussian vein, this Seusstastic menu board is awesome and mildly insane.
  3. Although the concept might sound kind of loose, this guy’s pretending to be celebrities reading Dr. Seuss. If the imitation game strikes you as a scam, here’s an actual celebrity reading Green Eggs and Ham.
  4. A word of hope – don’t fear the task of seeking publication. Seuss was rejected many a time before his eventual proliferation.
  5. Given that flights of whimsy were often his wont, I bet Seuss would approve of this fun elefont.
  6. If you’re thinking of writing in classic Seussian style, you might use these animal sounds for the extra mile. (Then you can read it to a homeless dog or a cat, and they would totally appreciate your doing of that.)
  7. If celebrating this man’s birthday would fill you with glee, make sure to decorate with Sneetches and a Truffula Tree.
  8. In addition to the birthday of this wordsmithing light, the Oscars are airing on this Sunday night. If this awards show news fills you with great jubilation, you might want to make it a pun-filled celebration.

Finally, I share today’s video installment. I’ve selected some Pugs for your viewing enjoyment. (I did consider sharing a feline film instead, but I flipped a coin that landed right on its head.)

We’re now at the end of this year’s novel-length rhyme. I hope that you had a splendiferous time. Should you want to leave words of a commenting type, I’ll remind you that the time for poetic license is ripe!


DOGma: How to get rid of your guilty pleasures once and for all

Class, please open your self-yelp books to Chapter 7. Today, we’re going to talk about our dirty little secrets – those things that you hate to admit that you really like.

Get your minds out of the gutters, kids. I’m talking about guilty pleasures. Continue reading


The first rule of Puppy Kiss Club

Okay, so I have a confession to make. Be kind…


I like Valentine’s Day. I know that it’s trendy to hate it or something, but I just can’t. So, today’s links are all about the love. Will you join me on the love train?

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Meet the Bloggers: Hello, my name is Dog Crazy

Meet the Pet Bloggers Hop

Hello, my name is Dog Crazy. (It’s a pretty common name, actually. Even the Queen is a crazy dog lady. For real. She’s one of us.)

And you are?

Grab a cocktail, pull up a patch of the Interwebz, and tell me about yourself. It’s all part of the Meet the Bloggers blog hop – and you’re invited! Continue reading


Barking about books: The Dieting with My Dog Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance

dwmd guide cover small sept 13

Click to order!

Today, I have a special treat for you. My friend Peggy Frezon, the author of Dieting with My Dog, is back with a new book. Today, this blog is the next stop on her virtual book tour. Welcome to the Fun & Furry, Fit & Healthy Blog Tour!

I had the chance to ask Peggy a few questions about her new book. While composing the questions, I was engaged in a bout of stress eating (unrelated to that activity). I guess that’s somewhat appropriate. (Seriously folks… if stress eating is ever made into an Olympic event, I will win all the medals. In both the singles and team events. Sad but true.)

Perhaps Peggy – along with her dogs Kelly and Ike – can help me put down the cookies and pick up a leash or a dog toy instead!

Anyway… to the interview! Continue reading


Children make terrible pets (and I make terrible puns)

While visiting my in-laws last weekend, I accompanied my sister-in-law on an errand to the teacher supply store. (It was my very own Journey to the Center of Educational Worth.) Have you ever been in one of these places? For my readers who teach, I’m sure it’s old hat. For me, it was like peeking behind the curtain in the Emerald City and seeing the real Wizard of Oz.

I’d never really stopped to consider where all of those bulletin board displays, charts, and classroom signs came from. (Magic? Elves?) Now I know – they come from a store that has every school supply you can imagine, as well as hundreds that you cannot. Continue reading


Kid wisdom: Don’t hit the dog

If I ever have children – and don’t ask if I intend to, because I’m not telling – I hope that my kid is as cool as the one that submitted this homework assignment:


source | terms

I’d like to give this kid’s parents a high five. Well done, child raisers. I hope that your son got an A+ on this one. (In case you’re wondering, I would have also accepted crossing out the photo of the man hitting the dog and replacing it with a drawing of a tailor measuring a dog for a miniature tuxedo. Either way, score one for the independent thinkers out there.)

Also, the person who wrote these questions in the first place has some serious issues, aside from the whole hitting thing. I wonder if some kid read this assignment and was inspired to put his baby brother in a pot. (That’s on you, mysterious workbook author. I hope you can live with yourself.)

h/t Huffington Post


Your Friday cute: Double or puffin?

I know I’ve been remiss with my weekly link roundups lately, so today’s is packed full of linkage to send you smiling into the weekend…

  1. First up, your punny pet names: Thorin Croakenshield and Bilbo Waggins. (Bonus: Meowly Cyrus and J.R.R. Tolkitten, courtesy of this pun-filled link. I won’t lie – I’m kind of annoyed at myself for not coming up with the latter.)
  2. Speaking of puns, please enjoy the whole enchihuahua!
  3. I want to throw a puppy party. I don’t know what the occasion will be, but the theme will (of course) be puppies. Who’s in?
  4. I have a tendency to declare that something is my spirit animal quite often. Like once a week. Or twice a day. Anyway, I would declare this frog my spirit animal, but I think it would be more appropriate to appoint him my new life coach.
  5. Take note: this is how you make an entrance.
  6. Holy cuteness, Batman! It’s a puffin chick! I wonder what they’ll name her. Perhaps Arianna Puffington? Or Hillary Puff? (Note: I decided to Google “Puffington Post” to see if it such a thing existed, and if so, if it was a blog dedicated to puffins. In case you’re wondering, the answers are: yes… and a resounding NO.  It’s more likely to appeal to hardcore fans of this movie. I naively did not see that coming.)
  7. Speaking of baby puffins, apparently they’re actually known as pufflings. Amazing. (From this same link, I also learned that a group of ferrets is called a business, which may be the coolest name for a group of animals ever. It might even edge out a grumble of pugs. I need to think on it.)

Anyway, putting that important debate aside for a moment (stay tuned), it’s time for this week’s video:

I have the urge to script dialogue for this whole thing. What do puffins talk about?

Finally, in case you missed it, here’s what we were up to on the blog this week:

That’s all for today, folks. Telling me your favorite word for a group of animals or dreaming up some puffin dialogue in the comments is highly encouraged.


A valley of cat scratches?

It’s BlogPaws weekend! In the spirit of pet blogger unity, I thought it was the perfect time to share another meow mix link roundup, inspired by F. Scott Fitz-feral:

  1. First up, your punny pet names: Tobey Catguire, Baz Purrmann, and Hairy Mulligan. (Also, I totally made that DiCatrio pun ages ago… and with a little extra flair, to boot.)
  2. Don’t even try to pretend. You know you kind of want to buy this.
  3. If the Internet had been around back then, I bet that some of the characters in Gatsby would have inspired the inaugural first-world problems meme.
  4. I can hear the tiny violins now, can’t you?
  5. I mean, we all have rough days. You feel trapped. You don’t have an appetite. Maybe you’re feeling under the weather.
  6. Honestly, sometimes you’re the cat, and sometimes you feel like the box. You know what I’m talking about.
  7. If you’re experiencing your own first-world problems, maybe you should hit up the gym and sweat it out.
  8. In any event, I’m sorry if you’re feeling down. Hang in there, buddy. With a little hard work, you may find your goals within reach.

On another note, I demand a full-length version of this movie immediately:

So we eat on, rats against the purrent, borne back flea-lessly into the cats.


Hello, is it a kitty you’re looking for?

Today, Petfinder is encouraging bloggers to talk about how awesome cats are. Now, don’t tell Bella and Tavish, but I happen to agree. My first pet was actually a pretty cool cat named Buttercup.

Fun fact: pom-poms can double as a cat bed

So, in honor of Buttercup and awesome cats (and cat lovers) everywhere, today’s links are feline-focused. Enjoy some kitty cuteness, and then get out there and adopt a cat! (Let me assure you – I would happily do so if Bella and Tavish were not champion cat chasers. Maybe they need to read this post.)

  1. What should you name your new cat? Here are some punny pet names to get you started: Meowie Long, Rachel Scratch, and Meoward Stern.
  2. There are many reasons to adopt a cat. For example, do you need of a skilled goalie in the house?
  3. Or perhaps you just want someone to help you reenact your favorite movies at home? (If you’re not interested in that, I’m going to need you to tell me what your damage is.)
  4. I mean, your cat could even play the role of Simba from The Lion King. Obviously, house cats like to emulate their majestic relatives. (Bonus squee!)
  5. If movies aren’t your style, you could always reenact some classic paintings.
  6. I also hear that cats make great wingmen. They’re total chick magnets. (Duck magnets too, I hear.)
  7. In any event, who wouldn’t want to spend some time having a nice intellectual exchange with their favorite feline?
  8. Cats do have a way with words, after all.

Seriously though, in spite of all of the silly reasons I listed above, there’s only one reason you really need to know. Cats are awesome.

Also, I give a huge thumbs up to any animal that gives me a reason to make a Lionel Richie reference.

Hello, is it an adorable kitty you’re looking for?

If so, head on over to Petfinder and search for an adoptable cat near you! Then take lots of photos and tell everyone else you know why adopting a cat is the best. The Internet is sorely lacking in cat pictures, after all.