A night at the Pupsbury

I’m in a musical mood this week. On Sunday, I had the pleasure of seeing Tristan Prettyman and Anya Marina in concert. Are you a fan? You should be. For real. (They each have many fantastic songs, but one treat we got at the live show was the two of them taking the stage together to sing this funny song about Lindsey Lohan. It’s been stuck in my head ever since, along with many of the other tunes.)

My friend M is a fan, and she got me addicted. Now it’s my turn to pass that addiction on to you. Use it wisely.

Anyway, in spite of the fact that we set the clocks forward an hour and I’m still adjusting to the schedule change, I’ve been feeling pretty good this week. (As an aside, I love Daylight Savings time and welcome it with open arms. I wish that we just stayed on DST all year.) I think it’s because I’ve been starting each morning off with fantastic tunes. Music soothes the savage beast, right? I guess it soothes me too.

Although the video below does not contain one of the songs I use to pump myself up in the morning, it’s possible that I do look something like this dog to colleagues who happen to pass by my door in the early morning hours…

If that song is now stuck in your head, I apologize. Go discover some new Tristan and Anya tunes instead. (See, I’m such a pusher!)

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6 thoughts on “A night at the Pupsbury

  1. “Why so, why so low? Why so low? Lohan.” Haha, you found the video, yay! Thanks for accompanying me to a great show, and spreading the good music cheer along to other pup fans. 🙂

    I like DST too and wish they’d just nix it the whole having to change time twice a year.
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    • I don’t love changing the clocks, if that helps. I just wish we were on DST all year round. In my mind, both are kind of an arbitrary assignment of time, so I vote for the one that gives me more evening sun. 🙂

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