Just one of those (important) days…

Two years ago today, this furry face joined our family. We adopted him from Friends of Homeless Animals, and the rest is history…

Gotcha Day! via wantmorepuppies.com

Happy Tavishversary!

Here’s to a snuggly dog that’s scared of his water bowl and of his own farts… but still struts around the neighborhood like he owns the place. (Bella taught him well. Following her example, he seems to believe that if he can see it, it belongs to him.)

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been two years. So much has changed since then… but not how awesome this little dude is. (He’s pretty darn awesome.)


Why was your pet operating heavy machinery in the first place?

I recently told you about a trip to the pharmacy involving a case of canine confusion. (Namely, that the pharmacist was kind of confused about filling a prescription for our canine. Guess we should travel with a medical release signed with a paw print.)

It turns out that I’m not the only one with tales of this nature – some of our blog commenters and Facebook fans shared their stories as well. Today, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites (although, in my humble opinion, all of the comments are worth a read). Continue reading


I’m going to need your dog’s signature on that…

Ddi you know that you can have your pet’s prescriptions filled at your local pharmacy?

I discovered this a few months ago, when Bella was in need of some drugs but I couldn’t get to the vet before they closed. They called in a prescription to a nearby grocery store. I went to pick it up and shared a laugh with the pharmacist regarding what box to check on the acknowledgement screen, which requires you to identify your relationship to the patient. Among the options – child, relative, and other. (Dog was not an option.) The pharmacist told me that lots of people pick up pet prescriptions there and suggested I check child. Obviously, the pharmacist working that day was cool.

However, not all journeys to pick up canine prescriptions go smoothly. Continue reading


Forget the polar vortex – let’s talk about the Molar Vortex

In light of the recent weather event – affectionately* known as the polar vortex – I’ve made a decision.** In the summer of 2012, shortly after he joined our home, Tavish went in for a dental appointment. On that fateful day, he said farewell to eight teeth.*** In honor of those brave enamel soldiers**** that gave their lives that day, I hereby proclaim the great teeth pulling of 2012… the Molar Vortex.

It would also be a good name for what happened to this guy:

via giphy.com

Oh, Bumble.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

*Affectionately? More like scornfully. Mournfully. I-wish-I-lived-somewhere-warm-fully. (I know, I know… that last one’s just a near rhyme. Call it poetic license. If you can do better, the floor is yours, Wordsworth.)

**I’ve also been plagued by the following cheer, inspired by one I heard in high school: “Brrrr. It’s cold in here! There must be a vortex in the atmosphere!”

***Life on the streets is rough, yo. (Or maybe life on the dirt roads? Those aren’t really streets.) There are no roving dentists offering free dental care to adorable homeless dogs making their way in the world today. It takes everything they’ve got. Taking a break from all their worries sure would help a lot. (Wouldn’t you like to get away… from me and my meandering thoughts? Probably.)

****Martika, I think we found your next big hit song. (I don’t know why I just decided that Martika is a regular reader, but how funny would it be if she was?)


Canine Confession: I’m scared of falling in my water bowl!

It’s time to let you in on a little secret. I’m not entirely convinced that Tavish is a dog.

That’s right. I’ve long suspected that he’s actually a Mogwai. (For those of you who are not as nerdy and/or obsessed with pop culture – particularly of the 80s variety – as I am, a Mogwai is an adorable little thing that turns into a Gremlin if you aren’t careful.)  Continue reading


Do you have any weird pet keepsakes?

So, I was organizing my file cabinet this weekend and stumbled upon this…

A canine souvenir: wantmorepuppies.com

The vet calls ‘em like he sees ‘em…

What exactly is this, you might wonder? Well, it just so happens to be a pellet that was removed from Bella not too long after we got her. I remember finding a bump on her stomach and asking the vet about it – he examined it and thought it was a pellet from a BB gun. (If I could find the idiots that did that to my Bella before we adopted her, they’d be in for a world of hurt.)

So, when she went in for a dental, the vet took the pellet out too. He then gave me the pellet in a bag marked “Bella Pellet.” Apparently, I then filed it away in my file cabinet with other papers from the vet. Kind of an odd souvenir, don’t you think?

Now it’s your turn to make me feel better. Surely I’m not the only one who has kept weird things related to her pets. (On Facebook, a few brave commenters admitted to keeping puppy teeth and cat hair clippings.) What sort of keepsakes have you kept?

(I realize that I may be the only one who is so Type A that she filed a pellet into the appropriate manilla folder in her file cabinet. However, if that’s something you would do, we should probably hang out and discuss our favorite organization apps, filing methods, and list-making techniques at a mutually-acceptable watering hole.)


250 punny dog names… and counting

Puns. You want ‘em. I’ve got ‘em.

It seems that lots of people are searching the Interwebz for punny pet names. I recently did a roundup of the punny cat names that have appeared on this blog (and I’ve done a more general roundup in the past). Today, I’m making your life easier, Internet searchers… I’m listing all of my punny dog names for you in one place.

Dog tired: wantmorepuppies.com

It’s hard work, but somedog has to do it…

(As a bonus, I added a few new ones. You’ll also find a few that I thought could work for both dogs and cats. If I found it somewhere else before I thought of it myself, I’ve linked to that source.) Continue reading


Eat pie. Help dogs. And people.

I like pie.

I like helping dogs.

I like helping people.

I never dared to dream that I would able to combine these three interests into one activity. The pie piece (feel free to groan) always threw me off. However, someone out there has solved this puzzle. Now, you can eat pie that helps puppies and people.

Fun fact: Generosity pie (as opposed to humble pie) totally has no calories.*

If you buy a Thanksgiving pie (or you know, a Tuesday pie – why should we limit pie to holidays?) using this link, you can benefit two charities at once! City Dogs Rescue in DC is selling pies to support Food & Friends, another DC charity. The mission of Food & Friends is “to foster a community caring for men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses by preparing and delivering specialized meals and groceries in conjunction with nutrition counseling.”

The proceeds from the pie sales go to help Food & Friends support people in need. In addition, for each pie that City Dogs Rescue sells, Friendship Hospital for Animals has generously offered to give CDR over $20 in free vet services.

So, as you can see, eating pie allows you to help both people and pets. If I’m doing my math right, that means that you’re actually required to eat pie now. Such a sacrifice. We’ll get through it together, okay?

Eat pie. Help dogs.

Pies start at $25 and can be picked up at over thirty locations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia on Tuesday, November 26, 2013. If you don’t live in the area (or don’t like pie for some confusing reason**), you can even order your pie to be donated to a Food & Friends client for the holidays. Click here or on the photo above to order.

I’ve volunteered with Food & Friends in the past, and it’s truly an amazing organization. I’ve dabbled in volunteer blogging for City Dogs Rescue too, and they’re also pretty rad. (I can’t believe I just used that word. I’m so tragically unhip these days.) So, get out there and order some pies. You can never have too much pie.

*This is not really a fact, although it’s still fun.

**I am puzzled by your very existence. What did pie ever do to you?


#K9Kamp: The Movie

Tavish makes his debut as a film star, with an assist from Bella…

We tend to rate Tavish’s energy level on any given day using a sliding scale of Tavishes. One Tavish is pretty energetic. On occasion, I’ve rated him at about fifteen Tavishes. So, it should come as no surprise that he’s making sure we keep moving this month. He’s like an adorable drill sergeant.

Are you participating in K9 Kamp this month? How’s it going for you?