That Guy! tells all

Today, I have a very special treat for you. In honor of our fifth Tavishversary, my husband (or, as I assume Tavish calls him, “That Guy!!”) has authored today’s Tavish-tastic tribute.  I’ll let him take it away…

Five years ago today, a very goofy furry little dude, who had just endured a derecho blowing through the shelter the week before, immediately jumped into my lap, licked me in the face, perked up his ears and said “Mine?” – so of course he had to go home with us.  (Have you seen his face?  It’s very tough to argue with those eyes and pointy ears of his, even if he can’t actually talk to us.  Although sometimes we joke about what he would say if he could hold up signs like a Looney Tunes cartoon character.)

Five years later, he’s still an absolute goofball who remains afraid of water, including his very own water bowl, and has yet to really truly grasp walking up flights of stairs – it’s more of a controlled upward fall than anything resembling walking, especially the outside deck stairs.  Maybe this is why we have to have a water bowl on every floor of our house for him?  At least we’ve come up with a solution to his being scared of fireworks problem – we leave whatever 4th of July party we are at around sundown, bring him down into the media room, and turn the music up to 11.  He usually then sleeps through the whole thing, none the wiser that it sometimes sounds like WWIII outside.  (Note to people who started their fireworks on Friday this year and decided to make it a four-day long weekend event – please, let’s do less.)

Nonetheless, he still has the boundless energy of a puppy, still revs himself up to run anywhere he goes in the house, and still only turns left (he’s apparently a big fan of NASCAR) when he runs in from outside and does his lap around the house because he is moving so quickly he can’t stop or change direction.  He also has an uncanny sense of time – he knows exactly when he’s supposed to have breakfast, and dinner, and “payment” (aka a treat) for allowing us the privilege of taking him for a walk, or when we leave for work in the morning.  And, of course, he can hear the bag of treats crinkling from two floors away.  Even if his 5:30AM wakeup calls aren’t always the most welcome (oh, are you trying to sleep in on a Saturday?  Let me remind you it’s now time for my breakfast!), we wouldn’t have it any other way.  He’s our little dude, and we look forward to the next five years of his adorable cartoon character antics.

Fun fact: My husband is also the creator of the Inspector Tavish Twitter account. (We were obviously meant to be.)

Let's go Tavish! via

He’s ready for adventure!

What more is there to say?  Happy Gotcha Day, little dude!



Looking for the silver whining

Stop the presses!* It has only been two weeks since my last blog, and I’m already back. I mean, i can’t promise I’ll make this a habit, but…

Anyway, today I decided to turn my comic energies in a different direction. I’ve begun to realize that some things I’d classify as bad might look pretty good depending on your point of view. For example:

Pain or gain | Want More Puppies

Honestly, Tavish is pretty psyched when the heating pad makes an appearance for any reason.** He also likes when I’m home sick, because it means he can stay in bed allllll day long.

Anyone else’s dog seem to enjoy – or at least, find a silver lining in – their misery?

*Younger readers, back in the day we had these things called newspapers. They contained our news and were printed on things called presses. So, if you had breaking news you’d have to stop the presses to add it in.

**Yes, the reason here occurs monthly, but it often appears to soothe other aches & pains as well.


Tavish holiday tip #47

I know I’ve been notably light on the caroldies (and the blogging in general) this year, but I couldn’t let the holidays pass without sharing our traditional holiday tip. So, without further ado…

He's his own thing.

I’m Tavish S. Penguins!

Tavish Holiday Tip #47

This year, do your own thing. Make reindeer part of it. Any questions?

The best part of this year’s card distribution was the conversation with someone who was unfamiliar with the inspiration for this year’s card. He thanked me for the card, mentioned that it was cute, and asked me what was up with the reindeer.

Best day ever.

Also, I’ve got some plans to get back on the blogging wagon in the new year. Although the comic (which I would very much like you to check out) keeps me busy, I’m going to start posting at least a few times a month here. I miss this space… and you, friends.

Happy holidays!


Hey, Blog… how you doin’?

Okay, I admit it. I’ve been neglecting my first blog child in favor of the new kid on the block. I’m obviously a terrible blog parent who is easily distracted by shiny new toys.

(Seriously, Blog, you know I love you, right? We’ve shared a lot of special memories and have a bond that the new site will never understand. I hope we can move past this bump in the road and adapt to the changes in our relationship. Oh, yeah… I did just link to the new site in my apology. Don’t be mad, Blog. That didn’t mean anything. Total accident. I just want you two to get along.)

Anyway, if you’re still reading (instead of trying to figure out who to contact about the troubling fact that I’m attempting to engage in conversation with my blog) – hey there. How’ve you been? What’s new?

I don’t really have much to report at the moment, to be honest. I’m still being discriminated against by my furry boss, who continues to believe that he can only turn left because our home is some sort of racetrack. He’s a regular Licky Bobby.

Anyway, my furry boss has informed me that I’m slacking on showcasing his epic amounts of cuteness. So, please consider this a shameless attempt to get back on his good side. This post will be emailed to him along with a shameless bribe gift certificate to the local canine bakery.

Tiny troublemaker via

Hey, lady – you’re letting my fans down.

I’m going to attempt to make things a little more lively here on my Original Recipe Blog. We’ll start slow, with a couple of posts per month. (Famous last words, right? Pretty sure I’ve said that before…)



My dog, the cartoon character

I took Tavish to the vet last month. While we were there, he got a nail trim. The vet tech asked me if he runs around a lot of corners, because his nails had worn in a slanted fashion.

I recently took him in for another nail trim, after which I was informed that the nails on one side of his body were also noticeably longer than on the other.

Apparently, my dog spends a lot of time revving himself up and sliding around corners like some sort of Hanna-Barbera cartoon come to life. I still can’t quite figure out why this has made him lopsided, however. We don’t have any one way signs in our house, so he’s free to take corners from any and all directions, after all.

What gives?


Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t leave this here, given recent events: