You know you’re a crazy dog lady when…

Sometimes, I almost forget that I’m a crazy dog lady.


Then, something happens that reminds me just how nutty I truly am. This past Friday, I received one of those reminders when I took Tavish to a new groomer. We had the first appointment of the day, so I got up early, tossed on a sweater, and loaded Tavish in the car. It was only after the groomer pointed it out that I realized there was a siimilarity between our respective ensembles.

Not Tavish the fox

Tavish the fox


That’s right. I inadvertently dressed like my dog. I went out in public that way.

I met new people who surely think I’m not quite right in the head, including Tavish’s new groomer. (Between the outfits and my overly detailed instructions, she probably made some sort of notation in our file.)

Crazy dog lady achievement unlocked. I’ve totally leveled up.

(Oh, and this experience has given me some insight into what the fox says. I think the fox would tell me to be thankful that Tavish is a dog – rather than a child – who doesn’t realize that he should be totally embarrassed to be seen in public with me.)

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32 thoughts on “You know you’re a crazy dog lady when…

  1. That’s hysterical. Wear that Crazy Dog Lady badge proudly, I say!

    And my siblings would point out that they were quite embarrassed as children to be dressed all the same, plus the same as my mom, whenever they went on vacation. My sis posted a pic of them all at Bryce Canyon the other day – my 4 sisters, mom, and bro all wearing matching blue shorts and polka dot shirts. I guess w/ 5 kids you just wanna say “Today we’re wearing blue!” and not argue about it. (Luckily I am far enough behind the rest of them to have escaped this horror.)
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Less-Wordy Wednesday: Rita’s Super Bowl Sunday

  2. Sadly, I can relate…I have not only dressed like Bandit–I have made matching Costumes for us (Halloween, The Barkus Parade during Mardi Gras in NOLA, game t-shirts for the Texas Rangers and the Atlanta Braves, going to Chick-fil-A on their “spotted day,” etc.) and when our outfits have not “matched” they have been cordinated The O-fficial Page of the World Famous Sweet Potato Queens parade). I don’t give the groomer explicit directions; however, I DO take my HAIRLESS dog to the groomer–I can’t see to do his nails–and while he’s there I go ahead and have him bathed. The last time we went, his bill was $36. Again, he’s a HAIRLESS dog. What’s even sadder? Sometimes his wardrobe is BETTER than mine.

  3. There’s no shame in being a crazy dog lady…well, maybe a small amount of shame, but you’re in good company! (One of my aunts used to work in a vet clinic, and they’d put the initials “C.A.O” on some of the pets’ charts…”Crazy A** Owner!”).
    Elyse and Riley recently posted..Sweetheart Giveaway Time!

  4. At a recent weekend-long business convention, I went to my hotel room and changed into my pj’s, which are my “Crazy Dog Lady” t-shirt and flannel pants with paw prints on them. Then, I went back down to the bar after all the events were over, but customers and colleagues were still down there drinking (I don’t drink but just wanted to hang out with them). When I walked in the room with my CDL t-shirt on about 5 people burst out laughing. How to make an entrance LOL!

  5. I have a very similar tshirt myself!
    There’s little to no chance I could do this with Moses or Alma given aside from a collar, they strut in their birthday suits (if I match, we have a problem – probably includes jail time and counselling).
    But I have found the Husband and I inadvertently matching from time to time, which is odd.
    Jen K recently posted..Throwback Thursday: The Bloodhound

  6. Hilarious!! What we won’t do for our pups, right? I have two and love them like my own children ๐Ÿ™‚ They truly make life more interesting and fill our days with smiles, laughs and cuddles – Ah – a life worth living!

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