Lists and the women who love them

Last year was a busy blogging year for me… just not on this blog. I launched my webcomic, which – like a shiny, new toy – has gotten the lion’s share of my attention. I’ll admit that I’ve found myself missing this space and hope to give some more attention to my first blog-child in the coming year. (We’ll talk more about that later this month – stay tuned.)

With that in mind, I wanted to start off the new year with a new post. When a friend told me about 50 Happy Things, I just knew that this was the perfect way to kick off 2016 (and to help me find some positivity in a year that seemed to be full of sad news from the world at large). Plus, I love lists. I have a list of the lists that I keep. It’s like list-ception.

You can visit Tales from the Motherland for the full lowdown, but here are the basics:

  • Set a timer for ten minutes.
  • During those ten minutes, write a list of 50(ish) things that made you happy (or that you were grateful for) in 2015. (After time was up, I went back and added some links, comments, and photos – you know I can’t resist a good link roundup.)
  • Add your post to the list of bloggers participating in this flood of gratitude. (Don’t have a blog? That’s okay! You can do this on your own – either just for yourself, or to share with your friends in another format. Also, if you want to tell me some of the things that made you happy in the comments, I’d love to hear them!)

I armed Tavish with a stopwatch, which he promptly ignored in favor of going back to sleep. (Hosting people for New Year’s Eve is exhausting, apparently.) So, looks like I’m on my own. Here we go… Continue reading


Always look on the bright side of deaf

Bella's ear - I Still Want More Puppies

Ear’s the thing…

A few months ago, I realized that Bella is losing her hearing. It’s not totally gone yet, but she definitely has trouble hearing. When she does hear a sound, she seems to have trouble figuring out where it’s coming from. (Is your dog experiencing hearing loss too? Check out some of these tips.)

Initially, I was kind of sad about this realization. After all, my baby puppy is not as young as she used to be. However, I’ve come to realize that there are a few benefits to this new state of affairs. (Plus, deaf dogs rock!)

Should you find yourself in a similar situation, try to look on the bright side of life.

You might find that there are some silver linings to that seemingly dark cloud. (After all, we should always rely on Spamalot for important life lessons.) Here are a few good things I’ve discovered about having a dog that’s losing her hearing… Continue reading


A dog’s dilemma: to pee or not to pee?

I didn’t really have a theme in mind for today’s links. However, after I put the list together, I noticed a few common threads: England, philosophical musings, and sharks. (I’m not entirely sure how that last one fits, but there you have it.) So, here we go…

  1. Up first, your punny pet names: Romeo Montawoof and Juliet Catulet.
  2. I’m not done yet…  I know that this one is stretching the “pet” part a bit far (though I suppose it could still work for a goldfish), but I couldn’t resist: Shark Wahlberg (or Sharky Shark, if you prefer).
  3. This puppy is the Jack Handey of the canine set. (Oh heck, why not… I made my own. If you make one too, share the link in the comments! Need some inspiration? Start here…)
  4. While he’s busy musing, cats are busy doing… in the arenas of politics and fashion, at least.
  5. Speaking of cats… I had no idea you could patent a method of exercise, but what do I know? (No update on how to properly herd cats, however. Get your patent application ready!)
  6. The Olympics are over, but that won’t stop me from posting a few more London-y type links: enjoy these adorable cards and these cool cakes.
  7. Since we’re talking about England today, did you ever see the great video explaining the difference between England, the United Kingdom, and Great Britain? If not, it’s definitely worth a watch.
  8. If you live every week like it’s Shark Week, then you should decorate your home appropriately. (Speaking of Shark Week…)

Finally, today’s video offering combines British-ness and deep thoughts (a la Henri):

Does sharing this video count as making use of my English degree? I sure hope so.



Dance of the Sugar-Plum Puppies

It’s Friday again, so I’m here with your weekly dose of linky goodness…

  1. Your punny pet name: Kitty Ya-meow-guchi.  (Fun fact: kittens are really into ice skating.)
  2. It’s definitely the party season – time to stock up on gifts for your hosts/hostesses.  If one of them happens to be a dog lover, here are some great ideas.  Another option – just get a gift for the dog instead.
  3. Once you have the gifts, you’ll need to wrap them. On that note, I have a feeling most cats would not be as tolerant as this one.
  4. Looking for some new Christmas music to sing while you decorate? Might I suggest The 12 Dogs of Christmas? (That post may inspire me to dogify some Christmas carols soon.  Stay tuned.)
  5. Does your dog inspire your holiday decorations? Maybe I should take a cue from Bo and make a Bella out of marshmallows and peanut butter cups.
  6. Speaking of my little blog star, want to see more photos from Bella’s holiday shoot?  Check out our album on Facebook. (While you’re there, you might as well like the page too, right?)
  7. Considering taking photos of your pet this holiday season but not sure where to start?  Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up some tips from our pals at Go Pet Friendly and Alfie’s Blog.
Finally, here’s a holiday treat – therapy dogs performing The Nutcracker.  Personally, I think the Mouse King steals the show.

(Visit here for more information about this performance.)

I was joking about creating a candy Bella (I blame last night’s Parks & Recreation for putting that notion into my brain), but now I’m wondering –  what candy would you use to make a replica of your dog?

(P.S. Parks and Recreation, much like Community, has a documented love of puppies. Yet another reason I love these two shows.)

Happy Friday!


Take a cue from the dog and treat yo self

First of all, some good news: Bella’s long national nightmare is over.  Her staples have been removed and she’s gotten clearance to say goodbye to her cone.  (Just in time, too… I think Bella has had enough of my attempts at cone humor.)

Thank goodness for the Comfy Cone, however.  I don’t think Bella would have ever forgiven me had I made her wear that plastic one for two weeks.  They had a good run, Bella and her Comfy Cone.  In fact, Bella’s flashlight costume won her first prize in Comfy Cone’s Halloween contest!  This cone, at least, had a (reflective) silver lining.

Moving on… in honor of Bella’s good news and inspired by Parks and Recreation, I think you should treat yo self this weekend.  Life can really take its toll on you sometimes, so every now and then it’s important to take it easy.  Our dogs seem to know how to live in the moment and enjoy life, and I’m pretty sure Bella doesn’t feel the least bit bad when she decides to treat herself.  Talk about a good role model.  I’ll help get you started…

  1. Your punny pet name for the week: Tom Catterford As a bonus, here’s one for the neighborhood deer: Ron Fawnson.
  2. Start your morning off right.  Play this song when you wake up.  It’s better than coffee. (No joke, I want to wake up to this song every morning. I am confident that I could do anything after listening to it.)
  3. You might consider planning a day trip with your best friend.  Just get out and enjoy the world.  (Note: words cannot even describe how much I love the video linked to here.)
  4. If a trip’s not in the cards, perhaps you should treat yourself to some culture – spend some quality time gazing at these photos from the Water Droplet Zoo. It’ll make you feel like a real aristoquack.
  5. After lunch, take in a classic movie with a real cinema buff.
  6. Don’t worry, your day should include some silly moments too.  Enjoy some comic relief, such as these dogs in wigs.
  7. Why not broaden your horizons and make a new friend today?
  8. Whatever you do this weekend, remind yourself that there’s so much to be happy about if you just know where to look.

You might be wondering how to cap off a nice day of treating yourself.  Never fear, I have it all taken care of. First, find someone to drive you around so you can relax.  Then, if you’re into the arts, might I recommend tickets to the ballet?

Not your style?  That’s okay.  If you’re a sports fan, how about a hockey game?

However you choose to spend your weekend, I hope it’s a good one and that you find some time to treat yourself.  If all else fails, just forget about the world for a while and do your own happy dance.


Now casting: Bella’s made-for-TV movie

Hmmm… perhaps it would be a direct-to-DVD movie instead?  Bella doesn’t have a large ego, so I’m sure she wouldn’t expect her first flick to go straight to the big screen… anyway, you may be wondering what I’m rambling about right now.

Although I got sidetracked thinking about the format, I’m trying to decide what human celeb would play Bella in a movie.  Where did that random query come from?  The lovely Kahuna K9 (a new blog I discovered today through my blogging pals at Rescued Insanity, Kol’s Notes and Something Wagging This Way Comes) has invited bloggers to answer that question.  So, it’s time to cast Bella’s doppleganger…

After much consideration, I’ve decided to give the role to Kristen Schaal.  (Loved her in Flight of the Conchords and still love her when she pops up on The Daily Show or anywhere else.)  I think her performance as Mel on FOTC was the key to winning this role… there’s something about her slightly goofy, happy nature with an edge that just says Bella to me.  Do you agree?

Any thoughts on who should be Kristen’s understudy? (Bella’s movie just morphed into a play, I guess.)



I don’t just stroll down memory lane…

Seriously, I don’t just stroll down Memory Lane anymore.  Sometimes it seems like I’ve purchased a nice little house there. At the very least, I’ve bought a vacation home in the neighborhood.  So… anybody else remember this animated short from Nickelodeon?

I do always wonder what Bella dreams about…

In case you’re wondering why I found this today… be prepared for another scary trip on my train of thought.  For some reason I started wondering if there were any videos combining dogs and Beverly Hills, 90210… which led me to this video of a dog reacting to the classic theme song.  Of course (?) that got me thinking about the Pound Puppies… so I watched this commercial for Pound Puppies Colorforms. (Remember those? I definitely had this exact set, as well as that Pooch on the Loose game… that thing was awesome.)  One of the related videos on the sidebar was the Nickelodeon animated short above… and thus I thought I should share it with you.

I also ended up watching a few other Nickelodeon shorts. It’s amazing how many of them I remembered!  I even found two favorites: “Housecats” and “The Cat Came Back.”  Apparently the secret word for today is nostalgia.

Hope you’re having a fantastic Sunday!


Take a chance on a shelter pet!

So, I went to see Mamma Mia last night at one of my favorite outdoor venues.  You can’t really beat sitting outside with friends, munching on snacks and having a glass of wine while enjoying some classic ABBA.  It was such a fun show, and it may have the best pre-show announcement I’ve ever heard.

I’m still humming ABBA songs today… which means that I have to get one stuck in your head too.  It’s blog law. (The law of this particular blog, anyway.  As evidence, see the majority of my song-related post titles.)  However, you’re in luck – the Interwebs has thoughtfully provided me with a video that skillfully combines ABBA and adorable animals with a great message.  Enjoy…

Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend so far!


Too many awesome pet blogs, too little time…

As I mentioned yesterday, the fabulous blogs Something Wagging This Way Comes and Kol’s Notes recently gave this blog the Versatile Blogger Award.  So, I’m doing my duty and passing it along…

First and foremost, thanks again to Something Wagging and Kol’s Notes for sharing this award with me.  I highly recommend you pay them a visit – both blogs are great!  Bella and I are humbled to be in such company…

The rules: I have to tell you seven things about myself and then choose fifteen other blogs that deserve the award. (One set of rules said newly-discovered, and the other set just said versatile, so I’m making up my own rule and just choosing fifteen blogs I always enjoy… though it’s hard to narrow it down to just fifteen.  As you can see from the blogroll at right, I enjoy a lot of blogs!)

The last time I did something like this, I shared some puppy-related items about myself and some things about Bella. So, this time I decided to use my seven things to tell you a little more about me (the non-dog related stuff). Here we go:

  1. My favorite food is grilled cheese.
  2. I’m a voracious reader… I go through books at a pretty fast pace.  In fact, I just started a new book last night (the fifth book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries), and finished it this evening.  Hours need to be subtracted for sleep, work, commuting, and dinner, during which reading was not an option.  Another recent example? I finished all three Hunger Games books in 3 days.  When I get into a book, it’ll be gone in no time.  Tina Fey’s Bossypants is next in my sights.
  3. I never thought I’d want an e-reader, but I love my Kindle.
  4. I love writing song parodies (as you may have guessed from my recent post about the Pupperazzi).  Although I can’t really sing, I can’t help myself!
  5. I love outdoor concerts.  And wine.  Especially outdoor concerts that allow you to bring wine.
  6. I enjoy movies… and musicals.  Thus, I was in geek heaven yesterday when I went with a friend to see Stephen Sondheim’s Company at the movie theater.  So far this summer, I’ve already seen a production of Follies (apparently I’m in a Sondheim kind of mood lately), and will be seeing Wicked  and Mamma Mia again soon.  I’m sure there will be other performances in my future as well…
  7. I can relate pretty much anything back to Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210.  It’s one of my… talents?

Whew… hope you made it through my rambling.  Now, to the fun part!  I’m passing this award onto the following blogs:

Don’t count… I may have cheated a little. Honestly, this was way too hard and there were so many others I wanted to mention, so if I didn’t list you above, please don’t be offended!  Perhaps I need some sort of regular feature where I heap all sorts of compliments upon all you wonderful pet bloggers out there, so that I’m not leaving anyone out.  Stay tuned, my lovely readers – the wheels are turning on this one!


Flashback: Head of the Class

I realized this week that it’s almost the one year anniversary of I Still Want More Puppies.  With that in mind, I thought I’d spend the week sharing some of my favorite posts from the past year.  This post originally appeared on September 17, 2010 (one of the many No Frown Friday installments).  An interesting update related to item #2 below – Yale now has a therapy pup on staff after all.  Guess I was just ahead of the curve.  Hope you enjoy!

Speed Bump
(via Speed Bump)

It’s September… which means school is back in session.  I haven’t been a student in quite some time.  Neither has Ms. Bella.  She did take one obedience course… seven years later, she does sit when asked (most of the time). 

We’ve been lucky – Bella’s a fairly low-maintenance gal who doesn’t get into much trouble.  When we eventually adopt dog number two, we’ll have to be much more diligent! 

If you haven’t already guessed, the topic of today’s No Frown Friday is… school!  Let’s hit the books:

  1. This week’s punny pet names are based on some famous names that chose the School of Life instead of a college degree: Drew Hairymore, Nose-Anne Barr, Roarin’ Beatty, and J.K. Howling.
  2. During college, I often found myself suffering from doggie withdrawal.  Earlier this week, I read that Yale Law School had recognized this epidemic, and offered a solution: if you needed a boost, you could check out Monty the pup for a 30 minute play date.  The circulation listing quoted in that post is so cute it’s out of control.  (A sample… “Subjects: Dogs in libraries; Stress reliever for law students.”)  It turns out that Monty might not have been available, but that’s okay.  A girl can dream.  I would have owed so much in overdue dog fees.
  3. Who needs obedience school? This “Gradhuahua” has a college degree!
  4. You may (or may not) remember those great literary punny pet names I shared back in June.  In any event, there’s a second installment – quite a treat!  (Be sure to take the pun-filled quiz… I’m still giggling about Captain A. Lab.)
I’ve pulled today’s video out of the Internet archives, and dusted it off for your amusement.  I remember when I first saw this video last year. It quickly earned a place on my list of favorite things:

Reactions: (1) I would have been so much better at science if it was taught by puppies.  (2) I would like to open a school where all lessons are taught with the help of puppies.  (3)  I’ve already got a foolproof plan for the drama program.

Speaking of smarty pants pups, sometimes well-educated service dogs school others in the Americans with Disabilities Act.  If you want to learn more about the valedictorians of the doggie world – those amazingly smart service dogs – check out Canine Companions for Independence.  CCI spoke at Blog Paws West last weekend, and by all accounts it was amazing!