I heart Tad Cooper

Anyone else watching Galavant?

I just might be a little obsessed. Join me in my madness.

Anyway, this song was in last week’s episode, and I thought it might speak to my fellow crazy dog (or cat/lizard/bird/whatever) ladies (or gentlemen) out there.

Tad Cooper 4-ever, you guys.

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Do you sing to your non-human BFF? Tell me more…


Trend report: What’s the hottest new clothing brand for dogs?

It’s probably an April Fool’s joke, but I’d totally shop at a store called American Beagle Outfitters. I make it a personal goal to patronize pun-loving establishments.

While we’re at it, I demand punny versions of other clothing stores. Coming soon to a mall near you (if I get my way):

  • Labercrombie & Bitch
  • Barneys Mew York
  • Sheddie Bower
  • Groomingdale’s
  • J. Mew
  • Johnston and Purrphy
  • Neiman Barkus

Are you listening, American Eagle? I have a feeling that American Beagle Outfitters would actually turn out to be pretty profitable. Have you realized how many crazy dog people are out there? (Present company included, of course.)

someecards.com - Having a pet is the reason I only spend 97% of the day thinking about myself.

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Get on it, AE… blaze that trail and usher in a new era of punny pet apparel stores.


Are dogs furry kids?

I (somewhat) recently read a piece from Smithsonian Magazine that posed the following question: Are Dogs Now Just Furry Kids? I figured it would be your typical article about how people spend a lot on their dogs, dress them up, and do crazy things like blog about them.

I was wrong.

Instead, it was all science-y and stuff. Researchers have found that the human-dog bond is in some ways very similar to a parent-child bond.

Now, I’m not one who considers myself a mom to my pups (I don’t really know what word I’d use), but I thought I’d do my own non-scientific analysis as to whether dogs are simply furry children. (Being an English major, my “scientific analysis” is really just an imaginary debate I had in my own head. Just roll with it, okay?)

Continue reading


What’s on your must-watch holiday list?

I’ve been having trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year. However, a wise doctor (okay, me) prescribed a steady diet of holiday television. My condition has been upgraded, and I’m well on the way to recovery.

What programs are essential to my Daily Recommend Intake of Holiday Television (DRIHT… totally a catchy acronym)? Every year, I must watch at least the following ten things or I’ll get a case of the Grinchies:

  1. A Garfield Christmas Special  – Absolutely essential. I am singing this song right now. Right. Now.
  2. White Christmas  – Possibly my favorite holiday movie ever. It seriously has it all.
  3. A Charlie Brown Christmas  – An equally essential choice. Dance it out.
  4. Mickey’s Christmas Carol  – Probably my favorite of the Carols. I get giddy just watching the opening.
  5. The Muppet Christmas Carol  – Almost tied with Mickey. So many good songs.
  6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas – I am a Max the dog fangirl.  Cartoon version only, please.  As far as I’m concerned, that Jim Carrey thing never happened.
  7. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – This was always one of my favorites growing up.  Mice! Saving Christmas!
  8. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – I still refer to the Island of Misfit Toys on a regular basis (possibly as often as once a week).
  9. Elf  – Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?
  10. It’s a Wonderful Life  – Oh, George Bailey. You get me every time.

Oh, and I also need to watch these two things:

These two via wantmorepuppies.com

The most essential viewing of all.

So, tell me… what do you absolutely have to watch to get into the holiday mood?

(Oh, and if you happened to notice that there was no linkage yesterday, have no fear. I’m hoping to post a non-Friday installment in the near future to make up for it!)


A definitive ranking of the 50 best names for a group of animals

So, I recently discovered that a group of ferrets is called a business. I found this fact utterly delightful, and it inspired me to find out what other delightful denominations I’ve been missing out on.

Today, I give you my definitive ranking of the coolest names for a group of animals. Obviously, no boring herds or packs need apply. (I’m looking at you, antelope, caribou, bison, wolves, and the like.) No troops, pods or flocks either. (Sorry, monkeys, whales and seagulls.) I showed a gaggle of geese and a murder of crows the door too. No mercy.  Continue reading


I came in like a hedgehog… or maybe like a tiny dog

I already referenced Miley once this week. I hope you’ll forgive me for doing it again.

(I can’t help it – I cannot seem to get “Wrecking Ball” out of my head, no matter how hard I try. That damn song is everywhere. So, if I can’t get it out of my head, I thought I’d put it into yours. Either there is an minimum number of brains that must be infected with the song at any given time, and I can get out by finding a replacement… or at least I’ll have you for company. It’s win-win.)

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy today’s videos enough to overlook my nefarious earworm plan. I couldn’t choose a favorite, so you get two videos. First up, the hedgehog:

Then, a tiny dog:

While I’m at it, this is kind of genius.

Once more, for good measure…

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That concludes today’s installment of Thing I Wish I Could Get Out of My Head But Can’t. See you next time!


Honest movie summaries: Dog edition

Movie summaries intrigue me. It’s a challenge to condense two hours of action into one or two sentences. I admire those who can cut through the fluff and do it with a bit of flair. (Case in point: once I read this blurb, I was never able to look at the Wizard of Oz the same way again. Even Siri has gotten into the act.)

Hence, today’s post. I’ve taken a stab at a few of my own, inspired by some cinematic canines (and one adorably corrupt feline). Some of these movies I love, some I don’t… but they’re all getting the business today. Continue reading


Do you have to choose between having a dog and having kids?


*declares post completecloses laptop, goes to the kitchen, eats a cookie in celebration of a job well done, eats a second cookie in celebration of how good that first cookie was, reconsiders answer, returns to computer*

Here’s the thing. The answer is really that simple… and yet, it’s not. All at the same time. Allow me to explain.

I don’t believe that “you” (in the broadest sense) have to choose between kids and dogs. I don’t think it’s a zero sum game. At the same time, do “you” (in the narrowest possible sense) have to choose between kids and dogs? I can’t answer that one. However, I have thoughts. Lots of them. Continue reading


Do you think it’s awkward when Goofy runs into Pluto?

I have a video to share with you today that is beyond charming. However, after watching it, I was reminded about that pesky Goofy-Pluto conundrum.

They’re both dogs, but they are so very different. Goofy acts like a person, and he’s basically accepted as such by the other anthropomorphized animals populating that world. How does he co-exist with Pluto, a dog who acts like a traditional dog? Is it awkward when they hang out?  If you really think about it, cartoon doghood is a complicated business. We may never know the answer.

Anyway, here’s the video that inspired all of these deep thoughts.

Apparently, there are nineteen all-new Disney shorts on the way. If they’re all as adorable as this one, I’m in.


Pup culture debate: Who is the best TV dog?

Okay, friends… it’s time for a little friendly debate. Of all the dogs that have appeared on television, who is the top dog?

Before we get started, the ground rules:

  • We’re talking fictional dogs here. A real-life hero dog or otherwise famous dog (think Uggie) who has appeared on a television news program or in a commercial doesn’t count. (Although maybe we need a sub-category of dogs in commercials. I do love Chopper, after all.)
  • Animated dogs totally count. Dogs that have appeared in holiday or other specials shown on television are also fair game.
  • Miniseries and made-for-TV movies are also in the mix. However, movies originally released in a theater and later shown on TV don’t count – that’s the subject of a future pup culture debate.

Ready? To get you started, here are a few lists of TV dogs.

I’ll even kick off the discussion with a few of my favorites:

  • Snoopy – Perhaps the most famous Beagle of all time? In any event, this World War I Flying Ace flew into my heart years ago and never left. (Anyone else obsessed with the Snoopy musical?)
  • Odie – I’m not just obsessed with Garfield. I love his canine pal too. He’s not the brightest, but he sure does have a big heart.
  • Seymour – Unlike the other dogs on this list, Seymour appeared in one memorable episode, the supremely moving and beautiful “Jurassic Bark” episode of Futurama. Have you seen this one? If not, you owe it to yourself as a dog lover and a human being with a soul. I got teary just typing those sentences. Um, quick… let’s watch a happy moment from that episode.

  • Wishbone – It’s not all animated dogs here. My mom gave me a Wishbone stuffed animal one year and it was seriously the best gift ever. I mean, it’s an adorable dog and some great books. What’s the story, Wishbone?
  • Eddie – Given my love affair with Terriers, I guess it’s no surprise that I adored Eddie from Frasier. Moose, you were the best.

I could probably go on for a while… in particular, there are quite a few animated dogs I might add to that list. However, I’ll stop with five for now.

So… who is your favorite? Share your nominees in the comments and tell us why! (If there’s enough interest, perhaps I’ll take the top mentions and put it to a vote soon.)

Let the pup culture debate begin!